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Update - text like this indicates work complete

Mrs H on her new decking here  Bit more to do to it.

This list is on my website so that you can see any changes such as new tasks.

Staff may remember much of what is referred to but may need to visit to view the garden etc.

Items in italics I hope to undertake myself.  When underlined, it is likely that I will do the task myself.

Items beginning with * = we are likely to do the work together.  **  = We need to work together.

Outdoor work

Numbers at the back, letters at the front.



  1. Bring tandem in first shed to the front, I take photos, then return it
  2. Find the drain cover below the down pipe on the corner by the kitchen back door
  3. Trim the curly yew on the right
  4. Trim bush behind apple tree
  5. Remove wall behind double garden seat, infill with paving slabs, and deal with faulty slabs on the path to the sheds.  Trim the hedge on the left. Take the double garden seat to the front.  
  6. Continue weed removal in front of centre steps
  7. Weed removal in front (towards house) of former pond and replace membrane
  8. Ditto area to right of the sheds
  9. Trim bushes there
  10. Trim bushes on right.  -- Looking at river. 
  11. Roofing felt to first shed.   Check the other shed
  12. **Remove most of wood-shed content in order to     reorganise

  • A    Improve the stepped flower beds here (music while you read!)
  • B    Cover mini--ramps at front door with rubber         matting.  Done by cleaner.
  • C   Fell tall bush on front left corner
  • D   Trim bushes in front of right end of drive
  • E   Tidy bed on right and straighten the concrete        block.
    • F  Tidy bed on left and replace sloping wood pieces

 Indoor work

  1. *Refit the basin waste disposal unit to include new electrics
  2. Improve the step fronts and side
  3. **Reorganise loft contents including new shelving

Tasks I may well do myself
  1. Locate and repair hose leaks above garage deep freeze
  2. Fit system for protecting the work bench from rain
  3. Garage bench - backing strips to shelves
  4. Fence panel at back of garage


Tasks I may well do myself
  1. Remove old plastic gas breather pipe on side by kitchen back door 
  2. Cover steps with rubber matting
  3. Trim bushes in front of  stepped flower beds at front
  4. Refit pond cover at back


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