An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Preambles - Unrelated and related to the new hidden page here.         

Preamble 1 - Unrelated to the new page

  1. Just say "No more" if that is the case

  2. What is the reaction so far to the Liaison with C Home page here?         

  3. Can graphics be used from the hotel and the main company websites?

  4. What suggestions are there re improving any of the Glam pages?  More graphics please.

  5. I forgot to ask about a Who's Who  board re all staff, at reception.  Why isn't there one?  I imagine a good reason has been worked out.

  6. Ditto re Today's Duty Manager is ....... + photo

  7. What feedback was obtained after my report of guest negative comment?

  8. What thought is being given to the continuous stream of similar puddings provided day and night? Strawberry mousse is like pink wallpaper paste.   Joan X and Vera Dean said they'd like to see fresh fruit salad.

  9. What staff reaction has there been to their Staff page here?  Does C want it to be inaccessible?

Preamble 2 - Related to the new page  - once the go-ahead has been received  

  1. Go-ahead asap please as staff anticipating more "Much more later and, for the moment, huge thanks to a lot of staff for all their kindness and expertise."  Source - Day 9  Thursday on the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel page here

  2. There won't be an Intro (or preamble) to the new page 

  3. The Glamorgan Hotel page in its location in the public  section of this website will be replaced by the new page.  Thus it will be the impact page.

  4. The new page is too long and will be split. Link below. The new pages need more graphics. To that end, please supply png versions if thought to be used for header graphics, if possible.  While on the subject, new graphics needed elsewhere.  See also 15.

  5. The new page is logically the Home page but the page here will serve that purpose.

  6. The Home page will, of course, carry all the links.

  7. It will be divided into two pages per the two visits and the days will run from Day 1 and not from Last day to First day.

  8. "Spent afternoon looking at lifting aids." Currently on Day 9  Thursday here will carry a link to another new page of pics and text.  Once the pics involving staff are in place on the hidden page, I will need to have the authority to make them public.  Will also need more and better pics.

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