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Many thanks for all your personalised help.  Thank goodness you sent the email re booking!

The page here  has been updated.

Booking  12 to 18 Aug 3 to 8 Sept  )    for our next hol.  See note re advising Mrs H's table-mates.

I will need to know the state of play of the boiler problem before booking.  


I don't want to put two ideas forward together.

1  What is the tariff for these dates?  We may bring our carer for a night's trial run. How much more that night?

    Please advise tariff if we bring more family - say two - with us later in the year.  

2  I offer an evening bagpipe ent and another evening of acoustic guitar inc Flamenco.  Add if desperate, an evening of songs.  Take your pick - one, two or all three.  Might be overload for guests if all three.

These are offered free and I'm not looking for a lower tariff. 

Please advise tariff if we bring more family - say two - with us later in the year.  


The cleaner Joanne is not so good as other staff.  You saw the commode bowl.  She did not wipe the seat cover.  She didn't wash up until I told you about it  She didn't hang the shower on its hook.  She told me that she had been a carer but all staff needed to reapply for their jobs so now she's a cleaner.  If some staff can act as carers, it might enable me to engage one at the time needed for 20 minutes any time between 8 to 1030.  To discuss. 

I used to give a lecture - It's the front line staff who make or break the hotel. No matter how good the planning etc is, or the training manual etc,  they all depend on the quality of front of house staff in the end

Another lecture was  - The undelivered complaint.   The majority of customers in any market tell their family and friends everything but tell the supplier nothing.


Be so kind as to advise your colleague of this page:

Songs and music for adults with special needs here

I hope to have her reaction to these pages also:

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Pages within the British Institute of Learning Disabilities series are entirely confidential at this stage.



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