An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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3 Sept 2015.  Day 2 of our second stay.  All going so well that had been talking about extending by two days.

That is - not going so well as thought.


Normally - don't use names on my webpages.  G was keen this morning to give caree a bath helped by E.  Caree left my charge with waterproof pants in place.  She returned to my charge at noon.  At 1500 I discover that she is not wearing the waterproof pants.  


There has been discussion with C as manager who will find out the other side of the story.  I mentioned that I may not have specifically asked for waterproof pants to be put on after the bath.  Anyone who hands over his caree has a right to assume that the caree will return in the same protective attire or clean items unless otherwise stated.


Newly appointed carer T took over c 1530 and put new waterproof pants on caree.


I was sitting in the dining area of the flat, typing this page.  A female voice was heard. In conversation, I asked her name.  It was carer A.  I thought she was a supervisor.  She asked my name.  I said I thought she'd know it.  She said she'd only just come on duty.  I left the topic.  . . .


She said, once I had explained to main points of the story, that waterproof pants being left off was not a big issue.  I said it was and I am the customer.  If the wheelchair had been soiled, it would have been unusable for the rest of our hoiiday.  I left the topic because if I had progressed to caree distress, the situation might have developed even more negatively.


I said to C the manager that I had had a very interesting chat to K at higher level in the org [before finding out about the waterproof pants problem] and am thinking about leaving caree here for a week and going elsewhere for a break.  That situation has not changed in anticipation of, ideally,  seeing any documents which specify how carees are cared for and the checks in place.


Part of the K chat was about how leaving caree here for a week  would work.  My provisional thoughts are:

  1. Caree would occupy the flat with one carer from a designated set of carers 
  2. Carer brief CVs would be in my possession well in advance
  3. The 24 hours would be broken down into three times eight hours
  4. The carer from 1 would have full responsibility for caree during a specific shift.
  5. There would be a detailed doc relating to the carer's duties [already in place, one imagines]
  6. There would be a less-detailed doc relating to two-way communication
  7. All alarms and other communication systems would be in full working order throughout the week etc
  8. Central heating in full working order
  9. Hot water ditto.


Item 7.9 is included as I had said to C soon after caree and I left after our first visit in early August that it should be working by our next visit.


Item 7 - alarm not working in the main episode described.  Pressed it at 1627 and again at 1643 - no response.  Need to clarify - neck alarm.  Pressing the wall version - OK.   C responded.  I pressed neck alarm at wall version - OK.  Conclusion - pos weak battery.

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