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I August 2015   

First visit to the hotel.

Day 1   - Our 53rd wedding anniversary

The hotel is managed by Chris Lewis who has a happy and very helpful team.

A big thank you to everyone for such a welcome.  

Royalty couldn't have wanted better.

Decided already,  We are coming back for the first week in September.

The meal we were given on our late arrival in our luxurious surroundings was magnificent.


Chris took one look at our car full to brim and said "It's the apartment for you and at no extra cost!".

I haven't found how to be in the pic and take it.

Day 2

We have made new friends who include Merryl Gillian Sheilagh Mary x 2  Moelwyn Ron Dorothy Glynis  x 2   and Millie.  Names are here as two days after arriving home we might be trying to remember them!

In mid-November 2014, Mrs H broke her right hip joint. No op is possible due to her heart condition.  She hasn't used a Zimmer frame until this holiday due to the pain involved.

She is now walking several shuffle-steps which is amazing.  Thank you if you've been involved in her encouragement.

The further  excellent news is that for two nights running, we have had undisturbed nights sleep.  At home, this is rare.  Soon need change of address cards!

We would like to place Mrs H on the same table as Merryl Gillian and Sheilagh.  Could you ask them first.  I could join Mike and the other man nearby.  More independence for Mrs H.  Male company for me.  Can't find them to ask.

Day 3

Mrs H has been on the same table as Meryl Gillian and Sheilagh.  I joined Moelwyn and Ron.  Sheilagh joined Mrs H and I on a trip to Port Talbot.

I gave 45 mins bagpipe in the evening.

Mrs H has asked all day "We don't leave tomorrow, do we?

Day 4

Our last day and we'll be back asap.  Although dinner yesterday evening was a series of errors, it turned out all right.

Mrs H being on the same table as Merryl Gillian and Sheilagh has been fine and I have enjoyed time with Moelwyn and Ron.

We enjoyed an afternoon in Port Talbot with Sheilagh.  

Mrs H has broken all records!  Three night consecutively and no hour-long session of getting up.  

Thanks again all round dolls and guys.   

Anyone who came to the bagpipe session last night will find my tunes here and here.  


Yours aye (trad Scots farewell)

Alan F Harrison (Prof)

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Our Second visit

2 September 2015 arrival  Our second visit to the hotel 

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Day 1  Weds  2 Sept second visit to the hotel

Or rather, Evening 1.  We arrived in a nick of time for dinner - 1805.  It was as if we hadn't left.  Although most of the staff were new to us, they treated us like old friends.

And what better friend than Chris, the manager.  As before. he hauled our two tons of gear to the flat and ensured we were completely comfortable.  He outlined a plan of pampering for Teresa and time off for me.

On arrival at dining room, Teresa joined Pat, Glenys and Betty and they got on well from the start.  I joined two Johns.  After 15 mins, Glenys left as it is her birthday and family arriving.  I took her place.

Staff very attentive and Teresa, although having just said not hungry, demolished two large drop-scones + guacamola + carrot cake + icecream.

Day 2  Thurs

Carer staff are now involved in my wife's care and she is enjoying it.  She enjoyed a bath so much she didn't stop talking about all day.  

All these apply to the staff.  

Welsh guests and all staff can tick all the items and feel proud of themselves.

I have been thinking why it is that Welsh people are 

  1. So welcoming
  2. So caring in their attention to other people less fortunate than themselves
  3. So happy within themselves
  4. So capable
  5. So pleasant to be with

One reason could be their food.  My websites and pages on the topic are  

here   here   here   here   here   here  &  here

Although the hotel does not include much Welsh food, the customers clearly enjoy it all.

Day 3   Friday

Teresa enjoying table-time with Betty, Pat and Glenys.

So many good things happening it's hard to keep track of them.  Trying to say big thank-yous to all the right people. Trouble is, I look round and staff have rushed off to the next situation.  Thanks are here.

If staff would like help in finding this page, they only need to ask  me.  There's a small hard-copy page with instructions being passed round as well.

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Day 4  Saturday

Typing this at 1000.  Already, thanks need to be expressed.  At 0515, I couldn't lift Teresa to get her out of bed.  Help came a minute after pressing the call-bell and all was excellent.   

Crashed empty wheelchair into a wall and broke a leg support.  Very soon, it had been fixed by Chris and John the carpenter.  It's the solve-all your problems hotel indeed!  [It was a valiant attempt showing the spirit which spreads through every square foot of the hotel.}

Day 5  Sunday

Bad news about the wheelchair.  The alloy component of the leg support is impossible to repair.  Wait until Monday.

Betty, Pat and Glenys went and we met Joan and Vera at the table. Vera's written a bookGoogle.   Took Brenda [another table away] on a jaunt to Ogmore Bay.  

Car problem now.  The wheelchair retaining straps won't work.  No electricity to the satnav.

Day 6  Monday

Chris solved the car problems.  The wheelchair retaining straps now work.  Electricity to the satnav working so we can know where we are when we are lost.

The alloy component of the wheelchair leg support is impossible to repair.  Waited until today.  Sent SOS here but no lifeboat yet.

Day 7  Tuesday


  • The Monday SOS here has been answered and we hope to be power-chair mobile tomorrow.  


  • Lunch out.  Went along the coast to see the hotel which preceded the Glamorgan Hotel


  • A very interesting session in the flat being shown lifting aids by Chris and staff.  It is frustrating to realise that care professionals at home have not shown us such equipment.

Day 9  Thursday

Arrived home at 5pm  No carer as planned but family stepped in.

As you can see, nothing  for Wednesday  Spent afternoon looking at lifting aids.  Two of my bagpipe compositions I played on that evening are here and here.

Further to the link included on Tuesday.  We were power-chair mobile before we started the journey home.  More here.

Big backlog of things to do.  Much more later and, for the moment, huge thanks to a lot of staff for all their kindness and expertise.  They all contribute to the amazing atmosphere to be experienced in every nook and cranny of the hotel.  

Our fellow-guests have also been encouraging, supportive and sympathetic towards Teresa and thanks to all of them.


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