An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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 There are two types of:

  1. People at large
  2. Caree provision professionals
  3. Carer provision professionals
  4. Caree provision workers
  5. Carer provision workers
  6. Organisations which provide for carees/carers
  7. Companies which provide for carees/carers

There are two categories of award - A & B.

Thus, a company could be sent a link to this page with the award    -    7A    or   7B.


Dear Company 

You have now acquired a Carer World 7A  Award.

More at

With best wishes.

Alan F Harrison (Prof)


 "A " Awards

No. 6 - Organisations which provide for                  carees/carers

Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here

Merlin Ward of Ross Cottage Hospital  Redbrook Ward at Hereford Hospital.     No. 4 here

And a professional within an organisation.

Someone who has helped me beyond the call of duty - No. 8 here

more later 

 "B" Awards

No. 6 - Organisations which provide for                  carees/carers

Top of the list by far

NHS Dept X   here

more later 

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