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Ross Mental Healthcare provision press release - February 2017        

The Future of Ross Mental Healthcare provision                                 

The Ross on Wye Mental Health and Well-being Steering Group (The Steering Group) was born out of a desire to identify what the local community would like to see in place to support their mental health needs. The Steering Group was formed at the end of 2015 following a public meeting in November of that year, set up by Public Health (which is part of Herefordshire Council) , to explore how best to capture and then support the mental health and wellbeing needs of the people of Ross and the surrounding areas. 

This is a pilot, which if successful will be rolled out to other towns across Herefordshire. The Steering Group is also supported by Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and has attracted a variety of members both representing organisations in Ross and also individuals with experience of mental health problems or of supporting someone with mental ill health.

The main purpose of the Steering Group is to identify the type of services that need to be in place in Ross to both meet the needs of those people who already have mental health problems and also to look at ways the community can use its resources to keep people in the area as mentally and physically well as possible. 

The pilot is also very much about looking at how Ross as a Town might be able to support people who are having mental health difficulties, e.g. by supporting local community services to understand some of the issues that people with mental health problems face and to be proactive in encouraging people with mental health problems to use their services. To this end we are looking at developing a network of safe spaces for people with mental health problems to use where they will feel welcome.  It’s important to realise that mental ill health can hit us all and the rates of mental ill health are very high, therefore people with mental health problems need to be seen as part of the community and not apart from it.

The Steering Group has looked at a variety of issues across Ross and is reporting back on its work on 8 February. Anyone with an interest in mental health is very welcome to attend the meeting, especially those who use or provide mental health services. At the meeting we will highlight our work over the past twelve months and we will set out some of the priority areas we are currently considering concentrating on over the coming months; these areas may change following the meeting as we do want to hear and respond to your views. We also want to hear from you about what is working and how we can build on the many positive initiatives that are in place, we also would like to hear your suggestions on how you think we can improve services. 

So, please come along to find out more to The Prince of Wales Pub, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5AP for a 6pm start on the 8th February. 

If you can’t make the meeting but would like to comment please email

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