An exploration of the UK carer world

Your frame                              When does a parent become an unpaid carer?

  1. Some initial considerations
  2. Carer diversity
  3. You in the frame
  4. Local focus

1  Some initial considerations

The text under the graphic is just the start of many questions carers face.  In the event of an accident, the question of when doesn't arise.  A person in your life suddenly becomes a caree and has new needs.

A new offspring arrives and is soon identified as having carer needs beyond you being a parent, grandparent etc.

In contrast, 

     everything seems normal until you begin to notice that an important person in your life is going down hill.  

     a routine visit to the surgery or hospital produces unexpected outcomes.

2  Carer diversity

All this points to the sheer diversity of the types of carers and their specific situations.  The one-stop shop ideal obviously needs to be interpreted as an ideal.  The website author is working with two broad aims as in 1 & 3:

  1. The site provides a framework of resources where a lot of the donkey-work has been done   more at No.3 here

  2. The site provides an overview of what can be useful in one county/principal area so that those outside it can see what to look for in their own 

  3. To provide a satellite website where the results of No. 3 can be easily found. That will take time and you being in the frame.  Your views are important.  more at No.4 here

3  You in the frame

You can easily argue that you have enough to do without sending emails to a project such as this.  If you're new to caring, ideally, you're using some of your time to obtain help from this site.  Quick comment and longer questions may arise.

If you are an established carer, then you may well have something, if not, but plenty, to offer relating to your special circumstances.   That contribution could, of course, include feedback on what you read on the site.


It is stated at the outset that anything you say in an email or within personal discussion will be written on the website in abstract and fed back to you before publishing.   If you want your pen-name (or name) included just say.

4  Local focus is here.

5  Contact here.


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