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Freedom of Information Request —19 August 2014          hidden page Items 3, 4 & 5

This request centres upon Herefordshire Carer Support and the renewal of its contract (presumably on1 April 2015) by Herefordshire Council .

The request is addressed to the FoI Office at Herefordshire Council.  The text below the ~~~~~~ line will be sent via                


The first action taken was to establish if the HCS website gives any information.  This is part of acquiring background etc info.

The word "contract" was typed into the website search box   The HCS HQ was formerly at Canal Road.  This is the result:  The link to Aspire has  been added.   The question raised later concerns whether Aspire had tendered for the present contract and any previous contracts..


Herefordshire Carer Support - HCS

Herefordshire Council - HCC

Hereford City Council - HCC 

 Herefordshire Council Supplier Portal  here    awaiting email confirmation

Future of Canal Road     Posted on March 28, 2014

A contract award notice available on the council’s website, will be considered by the cabinet member for health and wellbeing on 31st March.

Herefordshire Council has been working with people who use the service at Canal Road, their families, staff and commissioners to look at alternative ways of meeting their needs.   In response to demand, the council put a membership-based scheme out to tender and is currently considering whether to approve a bid submitted by local charity, Aspire Living Ltd.  Aspire is proposing to transfer its activities from Hereford’s Tan Brook Centre to Canal Road and, at the same time, provide a membership-based programme of activities for Canal Road customers and extend the service to more people. If the proposals are approved, Aspire Living Ltd will move to Canal Road during the Easter weekend break.


Aspire phoned back on this topic. Sandra Wood, the new Residential Services Manager was very helpful. The SEO Karen Hall is to return from vacation on Monday 25 Aug and will phone. 

I am interested in Aspire's membership-based programme of activities for Canal Road customers and how much overlap there is with HCS.


The information required is as follows:


When was the first time HCS started operating services under contract for HC?


What was the duration of each contract up to and including the  present one?  


When is that due to finish?


What services were tendered for within each contract and what was/is the financial value of each component of each contract?


When will the tendering process begin?


It is presumed that there are components of each contract.

5a  Please confirm which of the following will be included in the forthcoming tendering process:

  1. Carer assessment advice
  2. Other info and advice
  3. Provision of local carer groups
  4. Other pastoral group provision
  5. Carer breaks - provision
  6. Caree breaks - info
  7. Carer voice
  8. Carer forums

Please add other components not included in 5a.

Please supply details of all organisations which have tendered for carer services in the past.


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