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Many thanks for a lot of info.  I have only been able to post it so far.  Can we work on the best way to present the info?  Page titles and content can be changed.  All links will be of the "here" type.

As you see elsewhere, I'm a firm believer in the use of visual aids and the header graphics for these new pages need to be found.  I have used 123rf (the free versions) for most of them and some have been made into composite graphics thus. It's quite laborious as if they are pasted directly, there's a horrible black background thus.

All being well with the site-builder system etc, this page will appear as Focus      ie focus groups. to the right of "Resources" in the top nav panel.  The subsequent pages as identified below will appear under it.


A - 1 Dec

2 Dec

Are you anything to do with orangehome?  

Are you coming to the MP session at HCS on Friday morning?  If so, we could discuss all this afterwards, if you agree. 

Update 6 Dec

It was good to see you again.  I had hoped to discuss the pages emanating from your emails.  Heather's demise brought things to an unusual close, didn't it.


A closer look at the graphic is warranted. 

It's not entirely suitable so the search goes on.

Terms such as helper, assistance, dignity, mature care, and so on are reminders of those here and here.

This section takes up the cause of specific provision starting with

Special Educational Needs Code of Practice

Changes to SEN Law

Benefits and PIP


EDCM Campaign

At present, the idea is to add them to  6 Dec event here after removing notes to you.  Is that OK?  The HCS links and text beyond will be removed.

The Mencap page is too long. 



 HCS links - see Overview No. 4                                                    



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Very little www  info as website is down.  It's not all accounts.


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