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Peer support

Talking about your worries and problems can be a very good way of releasing some of the stress that can build up when you’re a carer. Your family, friends and the medical and social work team can all listen to your concerns.

But sometimes it's best to talk to someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, because it's happening to them too. Other carers can offer kindness, sympathy, understanding and advice, and they can make you feel less isolated.

How to meet other carers

A number of carer’s organisations, such as Carers UK and Carers Trust have local groups around the country. Some organisations for specific conditions, such as the MS Society and Macmillan Cancer Support, also have local groups. Macmillan supports more than 900 cancer self-help and support groups across the UK. If the person you care for has a condition or illness for which there's a supportive organisation, check if that organisation has a group in your area.

The facilities and services offered can vary from group to group. Your local centres can tell you what's available in your area. These are some of the services you could find at support centres near you:

  • regular meetings where members can get together, make new friends and share interests (these may be at a local centre or at members’ homes)
  • relaxing treats for carers, such as complementary therapies, for example, reflexology or massage (these may be subsidised)
  • training sessions with a back care nurse to help you look after the person you care for without damaging your back
  • professional counselling
  • social activities                                             more

Google etc

Find national and local support via Google and enter     carer support groups uk   or  carer support groups + your town
  1. Carers and families | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK › Support
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  2. Carer support - Alzheimer's Society › About us › Policy › Position statements
    the alzheimer's society policy on carer support. ... Carers UK estimates that carerssave the tax payer approximately £119 billion per year (Carers .... Carer support groups and cafes provide an informal environment where carers can discuss  ...
  3. Derbyshire Carers Association
    Derbyshire Carers Association requires volunteers to help us to maintain the high level of support Carers may need be it though direct work with Carers or office ...
  4. Mind - How to cope as a carer › Information & support › Helping someone else
    Being a carer includes anything from giving emotional support through to providing extensive practical support to enable someone to live their life from day to ...
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