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30 Sept

HW and I were ready to launch the website in Ross last month.  The meeting over-ran.  Here's an addition she hasn't seen yet. 

Have left this page open as you're the only reader.  It appears lower down on the left of the top nav panel of the Intro page.  

29 Sept

Several pages have been added since our last email as seen on the Overview page.   The Reader Contract page still appears in the  Intro section  here but only via this page or if you have saved it previously.  When it reappears it will be much revised.  Saving this 29 Sept page is advised,

I will ask for your advice before contacting HCS staff in specific contexts.  If you request that a certain action is not required, that will be its end. 


Ross Carer Group meets on Weds.  


I would hope to try a song for carers.  Will contact HW as soon as the OK is given.  The meeting could conclude with the song.


Have mentioned to HW the topic of local social activity, perhaps starting with a lunch.  The community centre offers a cheap lunch to senior citizens.



The course could end as 1a.  Could contact SB.  She may have plans for 1b.


GPs are looked at here.    Could contact HL.


HCS website  YP


Would like to post this page under a section in this website.  It would track the diary as new pages appear on the HCS site.  I haven't found an archive.


One aspect of this action might promote some chatter.  There's none here.   No news here.  Typo    For more detailed informtion 



WLTM staff here and the other SB with a view to collecting graphics and info on YP.  Pages which include HCS material will be negotiated with you or your designated staff.  


Carer page if written by me


I could begin by talking about issues raised within recent meetings.   Have seen this and similar and will look at updates as they appear.


A difficult topic

> 4000 carers within HCS - penny numbers at many meetings.  Apathy or carers too busy?  Probably something better raised at certain meetings.  


It's time to prepare the evening meal on Sunday so enough for now.  Plenty to come!



Although the website includes several negative aspects, the balance will change.  Most pages will be positive.