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The car registration is MF 12 LYC. The model is a Doblo Mylife Multijet 1.6 litre turbo diesel. Perhaps you have your insurers in place, otherwise I can recommend disability vehicle specialists Fish. Their cover includes that in the event of a breakdown or incident, they will bring a wheelchair car to your aid, and provide a wheelchair courtesy car in the event of repairs being needed, and so on. The price was less than our old "normal" car policy.

The point about the front straps is that they require a little free play in order for the ratchet to disengage. When the front door is opened, the wheelchair platform swivels clockwise with it, pivoting around the front left corner. This motion puts a pull on the right hand strap. Very occasionally you will see the chair starting to move forward on the ramp as the door is opened, and this is because the ratchet has been tight and has not freed off. Just close the door again a little and the ratchet will free itself, then it is business as normal. Of course, the ratchet release button on the edge of the door must be set in the free position before you start opening the door. I mentioned this minor thing because it caught me out a couple of times when we first had the car.

Servicing: We bought the car in  January last year with 4500 miles on the clock. It was serviced before handover (oil and filters)  by Accessible Vehicles. The dash computer display is telling me that a service is now due. I'll take it to the garage and ask them to carry out whatever Fiat recommend for the age and mileage.  I'll check but I think the usual interval is 20,000 miles or 2 years.

I note that you are picking the car up from Accessible Vehicles after handbrake conversion. Makes things easy.

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Doblo Mylife Multijet 1.6 litre turbo diesel up front in front disability WAV here

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