An exploration of the UK carer world

Update 10 3 2017

It is necessary to announce that on the first day of Ross DMC becoming operational - Weds 22 March, I will leave my wife at 1100 and collect her at 1500.  She will be looked after by a domestic care worker acting as carer.  This arrangement will continue ad infinitum.

I want to sleep at night.  Already, T is up for 45 mins 1/7, twice a night 3/7, three times a night 3/7.  Furthermore, she also suffers from diarrhoea 1/28 caused by the diverticulitus -Item 1.17  here.   You would understand what life is like for the two of us if you read the entire list.  Sometimes, I sit up in bed thinking about the lack of momentum of the project.   At other times it is pointless trying to sleep when another bout of commode is anticipated.  T's nightwear and the bed need changing after bouts of urine incontinence 1/7.  Sometimes there is so much diarrhoea to clear, plus nightwear plus bedclothes to change (1/28), that I use a dustpan and slat of wood to dispose of the messy stuff.  All this in the framework of keeping T in good spirit and keeping her warm.

Our elder daughter operated Plan B for the first time while I was in hospital.  Up twice both nights but no mess.  She told me that I must have the patience of a thousand saints. 

The last time T  and I went away, the bed was wet one night and mattress saturated the next.  We left two days early.  £1000 for a week minus the two days.  Has happened before elsewhere.

Christ Church here        

Eddie Cross Street

The Ross DMC is kindly hosted by Christ Church. It starts on Wednesday  1 March 2017 and operates once a week from 1100 to 1500.

Christ Church volunteers hope to be joined by more from within the Ross & District community. 

  1. Your GP or Dementia Adviser or other healthcare professionals should be consulted
5 October 

An Introduction to DIY Dementia Meeting Centres - under construction here

Within this series, a notable page at   3  Anyone 2  is the Intro here

 I take my wife to Leominster once a week on a  long journey.  It's companionship for the day for us both which is why I want a DIY DMC on our doorstep. 

We attend the Leominster Meeting Centre here

         Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Home page here 

         See B 3 below

It is advised to read  GPs  and  Other healthcare professionals  should be consulted before proceeding.

  1. Most do a good job.  Beware.   Letter to caree 16 March 2015  was a shock to me and will be to you. 

  2. It should be noted that this letter was addressed to caree in handwriting and with no indication of source.  here  There are other negatives in the letter.

  3. Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here  Annual assessment due a year later.  No word yet - 26 09 2016

  4. I said I wanted to speak to an executive.  After much silence punctured by drastic action on my part, a meeting took place.  The man couldn't even remember my name.

  5. The point of telling you is that this relates to what all carers go through and our common need for companionship. The DMC provides time for carer sharing.  It's unique selling proposition - USP - here is an end to being on one's own as a carer here.  (USP as a concept is difficult as your DMC will present multiple USPs.)  

The purpose of this update is to produce a set of links for new readers of this website.

They include some who attended the Herefordshire Disability United seminar here.

Others are connected to Dementia meeting centres here.

Others attended the Dementia Champions meeting in Gloucester.  See 3.1  3.2  3.3.4  3.4

Several general enquiries via email are also answered.


  1. Medication
  2. Physical health
  3. Mental health
  4. Bio
  5. Special needs adults

1  Medication

Medication list and medical history here

2  Physical health

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  here.

1 includes hip socket.  Teresa restarts physio soon.

3  Mental health

3.1     Person-centred Tests Home page here  as intro to TDH pages

3.2     Dementia meeting centres  here    We attend the Leominster Meeting Centre here

3.3.1  Prolonging the active mind here

3.3.2                                              - religious aspects  here

3.3.3                                              - our videos, songs and music  here

3.3.4  Family-produced tests Home page here

3.4     Impersonalisation demonstrated

3.4.1  Letter to caree 16 March 2015 here

3.4.2  Non-person-centred Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here

           My contribution reduced the impersonalisation.


4  Bio

5  Special needs adults
Not directly connected to TDH and while I have new readers' attention, I am looking for advice on 
legislation and info on the age-appropriate aspects of interaction with special needs adults in the context of songs and musichere (No. 6) 

See the info-access problem on the Age-appropriate support page here.

All readers are asked would they kindly use the Contact page if they can help.  If we have been in recent contact by email, that might be easier.



pagetop here  for pasting  Teresa Harrison Update 16 May 2016 here

                                      The author's stories Home page here

 If you swooped in and have landed on this as your first page, are you prepared for any emergency?  here

To place as appropriate

Ready to contact, say, Lesley Barcham, BILD’s Ageing Well project manager, on 0121 415 6960 or 


Liaison with J Cars                                                                        Home page here 

Nothing here assumes that J has not implemented or considered the topics.

From email to PM private address after seeing the vehicle:                                                                                         

1    Very soon I  could put a page on my site relating my interaction with J.  MH was reciprocally enthusiastic.

2    Hope to work with J raising money for a carer charity. 

3a   Would it be a good idea to add a panel on your Home page?     For carers  or    Are you a carer? 

3b   Hope we can talk re seminar(s) for carers plus or minus OTs and other healthcare professionals.

3c   Perhaps call them workshops for carers. 

3d   Perhaps put J carer experience on a page on the J website and call for carers to add their views, ask questions            etc.

4     I make no conditions or request advantages in our interaction nor will I ask for £ within any work I do for J 



To elaborate:

1    Very soon I  could put a page on my site relating my interaction with J.  MH was reciprocally enthusiastic.

      The page is here.

2    Hope to work with J raising money for a carer charity. 

      This would follow from other items in this list coming to fruition.

3a    Would it be a good idea to add a panel on your Home page?     For carers  or    Are you a carer? 

       Before that takes place, we could look at an Information Room or part of the showroom devoted to it

       Carer info could be an important aspect of the room/area.

       However, the showroom is already full so another room might be selected.  I have an idea.

3b   Hope we can talk re seminar(s) for carers plus or minus OTs and other healthcare professionals.

       Seminars for professionals are shown here.  These new seminars would be much more practical and deal with a 
       wide range of issues.  A wider population would be targeted.

       The main approach is to portray what is available to the assembled throng in an holistic way and where J fits in.

3c   Perhaps call them workshops for carers. 

       Fine for just carers and non-technical people.  More-normal title for professionals needed.

3d   Perhaps put J carer experience on a page on the J website and call for carers to add their views, ask questions 

        Perhaps hold a meeting of all staff who deal with the public and who may have ideas for consideration.

        The aim is to consolidate the ideas into a cohesive set of stories and expertise of appeal to potential and 
         existing clientele.


More on the Carer aspects of the Info Room via link below.

Topics A to C have been incorporated.


Other considerations apart from the Info Room

What experience does J have re child wheelchair needs and suitable vehicles?

Consider what J is doing and what needs to be done re children - those who need wheelchairs and those who just come with parents.

London taxi drivers still organise massive children's parties and events and ferry children to them. more   What about something similar involving J customers.   Good publicity for J.  Perhaps collect a list of all Birmingham taxi-drivers with wheelchair facility.  Perhaps involve those beyond J customers. 

Have you organised WAV rallies?  Why not experiment?  For all the family and friends - carers, carees, supporters and so on.

It doesn't look as if any such rallies have been held here.

Could be marquees for various aspects:
  1. The different types of carers and their carees - staff on hand to help and explain
  2. Exploring WAVs.  Samples of cars.
  3. Children's marquee - registered child-minders etc in attendance - items from 4 here?
  4. Types of wheelchairs - a few suppliers of repute
  5. Care accessories - - a few suppliers of repute
  6. Funding aspects - experts in attendance
  7. Legal aspects - - experts in attendance
  8. Come and tell your story.  Numerous walls on which to write.  Younger children to draw cars and chairs etc.  Older children to write their stories.  Ask if people want their stories on the web - pen-names.  more  
  9. Raffle something with facility to participate on line before the event.  Collect email addresses.
  10. Once events established. a marquee for trophies.  Keeps the events going!
  11. more to follow
Could be driver championships with categories from 1 above.

More on No 8
The Story page has been updated with a brief ref to WAVs at Item 5 here.  Perhaps this could be the first link to my page here.  It will be upbeat and tell readers that J is a great company in more ways than one.  When all agreed, it will be announced on the Updates page.

The first link from clicking WAV on the Emma Jency page, Item 5,  takes the reader to here   Another site is top of the page here via here.   I have plenty to say about the sites.  One challenge is to ensure J is top of any search of this type as readers of this are aware.  

J is not mentioned but heralded at Item 8 here.  Readers can find that page via the full update here.

What are you doing at the Care Show here?
                                           Naidex events here and did here?

I may be off-beam and these events are inappropriate.

What similar events are there?


Does J employ any carers? more   If so, they might be considered for involvement in the project.

Carer Liaison specialist

More on the Carer aspects of the Info Room via link below.

Events for January 2015 - Robert Burns 

   Weekday event for retired customers and others.

   Weekend event for all.  Perhaps one for children.  

    More via the link below - Possibly relevant personal interests  

    These events would be experimental.

A Robert Burns event in 2016 at the NEC aimed for the Guinness Book of Records

A gourmet club for clients in the more expensive range of vehicle purchases.

More to follow.

pagetop here    for pasting    Liaison with J Cars here

                                          The Information Room and the Carer Liaison specialist  here   

                                          Personal interests of possible relevance to the situation here  

                                          Home page here 

It may be appropriate to produce song pages for higher ability levels within which carees would not see themselves as children.

Catch up on the Hereford Journal letters on the topic and much more      via  or    and then via Updates.

ALAN F HARRISON (Prof. ret’d)


A New University for Hereford  claims the county is bankrupt

The University states "There is a shortfall of some 17,000 economically active residents to make the county economically sustainable." 
Really?    And how is that calculated?   Are readers aware that the county is heading for bankruptcy? That is the implication of not having these 17,000 economically active residents. And then we have another statement: “Over 30 years the presence of a university will create add over 7,000 economically active residents to the county.”.   That's 233 new economically active residents being added per year.   With about 5,000 students in all, and typically three year courses, about 1/3 would be graduating each year.   That's some 1,667 graduates per year.    That's 14% of graduates projected to stay in Herefordshire.    That figure needs to be justified.  Even more in the context of most graduates leaving the county to find their jobs. 
Can they please get their priorities right regarding another futile and money-squandering exercise? Your starter for £92 million.  How is that made up?  "We're more interested in toilet closures." Aren't we all? - but it doesn't answer the question. It (almost) has its hands on  "£3-£4 million + £10-13 million + £50-£75 million".  And that's for starters. 

Final question for grand slam. Your starter for ten.  Is there a university in Herefordshire? "No".  Good.  Next question.  Why does A New University for Hereford  refer to itself as "new".  "Don't know".  Good.  Nobody does. It's coming, like it or not. Its boss is being appointed now. The government says that British universities must expand by 25%.  Ross Prof asks "Enough universities already?" and then "162 enough?"   

Read the Hereford Journal letters on the topic and more about the Prof's views  via  or   and then via Updates.  

289 words  or    and then via Updates

It's pointless to assume that NUH will take any notice of half a hand-full of letters in a local paper.  

Postgraduate courses and seminars etc here

The Association for Dementia Studies here


for pasting or onwards                   Health Care Undergraduate courses - University of Worcester -  here

                                              Postgraduate Health Care courses and seminars etc   - University of Worcester - here 

                                              The Association for Dementia Studies - University of Worcester here

                                              Dementia Home page on this website  here

                                              Home page 

The Association for Dementia Studies here


The Impact of our Research (Institute of Health and Society) here.

From which   Applied Professional Studies

Centre for Palliative Care  

The Centre for Palliative Care engages in research across the whole are of end of life care, including: survivorship; complementary therapies; patient choices; burnout; workforce development; compassionate communities; service users and carer support; quality of life & quality of care in different settings; dignity in dying; loss & bereavement; communication skills; emotional care; leadership; emotional intelligence and self-worth; society and choices in death and dying. 

more here

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Education and Training Consortium here

West Midlands South Workforce Development Confederation here

Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University ‘Innovations in Governance’ module here.  related

Professional Development Workshops & Conferences Calendar here

Centre for Palliative Care research seminar series 2014 here  

1st May 2014

The Judy Dale annual lecture. This first annual lecture will be delivered by Dr Judy Dale and will outline the ethos, dedication and commitment that enabled one individual to drive the philosophy of palliative care across South Worcestershire to improve the quality of care given to all dying patients and those important to them

Dr Judy Dale

20 February 2014Centre for Palliative Care Research Lecture Series
Dignity at the end of life

Prof Wilf McSherry here  Google   job   
Dignity at the end of life

McSherry W (2010) Dignity in care: meanings, myths and the reality of making it work in practice. Nursing Times, 106 (40), 20-23. here

European Journal of Palliative Care here

Adult Social Care and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee  East Sussex in late 2013. 

The Committee is recommended to request that the Health Overview and Scrutiny

Committee considers progress with improving end of life care in East Sussex in late 2013. 

The national End of Life Care Strategy (2008) was one of the first of its kind in the world. 

It aims to bring about improvement in access to high quality care for all adults approaching the 

end of their life. The strategy has a whole systems approach, with a pathway involving the 

following steps:   page 2 here     

 7 May 2014Centre for Palliative Care Research Lecture Series
Making sense of resilience in palliative care
Please contact: or call: 01905 85 5147 for bookings and further information

3 July 2014Centre for Palliative Care Research Lecture Series
Involving Bereaved Relatives in End of Life Research: the Participants' Voice and Complimentary therapies and patient well-being



Scholarly articles for palliative care in hospice

Hospice and palliative care - ‎Saunders - Cited by 101

National Council for Palliative Care

Dying Matters launches dementia leaflet here


pagetop here       for pasting       Postgraduate Health Care courses and seminars etc   - University of Worcester - here  

                                                Health Care Undergraduate courses - University of Worcester -  here

                                                The Association for Dementia Studies - University of Worcester here

                                                Dementia Home page on this website  here

                                                Home page 

these pages are set up but contain no content

Worcs here

letters here

case here

AFH here

Newspaper coverage is in the Resources section and links to relevant resources have been listed on the right    >>>>

Songs and music for special needs situations - first section >>>

The first job for you to explore is set out on the Counties page.  It looks at county provision for carers starting with male/female staffing breakdowns.   

I suggest you do an hour to see what can be done.

Just phone (see email)  if there's a small problem. Larger ones please set out in an email or, better, put it on this page at the end.  Email to say you have put it on the page.  

As you travel around the counties, perhaps keep an A4 sheet of notes of curiousities, special points of interest, if there is a drop-in centre such as this, and so on.   There's a "Special" column on the next page to put that in, for example. 

Log in to with   then  lament  

Ignore most of what you read below.  No time to explain.  

Rushing out to deliver Ross Carer Support Group  I T  page here   Could you spend 30 mins evaluating what you see, please?

Your payment time starts now.  This assumes, of course, that we have reached that point in discussion.  I suggest an hour to start with.


If you would like to explore using a sitebuilder  (No. 8) then continue reading.  You have seen how to access it in the email.

If you'd like a session on using the sitebuilder, just send an email or phone.

Try it and see how you get on.  Login via the email.  Explore.  Find the Glossary page, type something and click Publish.  Save it on your computer. 

I suggest you do an hour to see what can be done.

Just phone (see email)  if there's a small problem. Larger ones please set out in an email or, better, put it on this page at the end.  Email to say you have put it on the page.  

Temporary message while pages are under construction. Health care professionals will realise that this type of page is addressed to the general reader. Most of the pages are hidden until ready for launch.  The project will continue its development thereafter..

Yola - good and bad here     login via  with     and then  lament

 Young carers find this page -   Who are Young Carers?    

They see the link     Young Adult Carers website here        and this is what they find.   See it yourself here.

While you're on the page, look at the nav box lower right.  

It's headed    Carer Links… talk to us if you are, or work with:     

Now click the top link     An Adult Carer  -  read more    Was it worth it?    removed from HCS page 5 Dec

What HCS does:


  • Herefordshire Carers Support exists to ensure that Carers are universally recognised as fundamental to the communities in which they live and to ensure that there is a balance between their caring responsibilities and their lives outside their caring role  

  • Supporting unpaid family Carers in maintaining some of the most vulnerable members of our communities in their own homes therefore remains a high priority.   

  • We provide practical support and information to both adult and young carers and are the central place for support and advice to carers throughout Herefordshire   

  • We help Carers individually and through adult support groups, young carers clubs and activities, services and projects.  

  • We strive to ensure that policy makers and public alike recognise and value Carers as fundamental to strong families and stable communities  

  • We enable Carers to shape and extend the services that support them through meetings, focus groups, participation days and conferences   

Everything we do is for the benefits of carers. We know that they expect the highest standards, so we work hard to ensure they receive exactly that.  

Because needs change and the health and social care system never stands still we are constantly adapting what we do to give them the best service.  


We are children and young people who are also Carers. We believe we should have the same rights as other children and young people, including the rights to:

Be children as well as Carers

Fun, friends and time off from caring

Family life with well supported parents

Practical help and support so that we don’t have to do all of the caring in our own homes

A safe environment and protection from harm, including any harm that caring activities could cause us

Services that value our different backgrounds, cultures, religions, races and sexualities

Be listened to and supported by the people who support our parents and siblings

An assessment of what we need as individuals, without any assumptions being made about us

Be listened to and involved when people make decisions, which affect our lives

Information about health problems that we see our family members experiencing

Advocacy and complaints procedures which we can understand and which work

Stop taking on caring roles when we wish to

Move on and become independent adults

source page 130

pagetop here     



Other services offered include an information line, the ‘I Count’ Carers Card which entitles Carers to discounts from some businesses and a Disability Equipment Recycling facility where you can buy or sell unwanted equipment.  

more  updated address here

The HCS website is under reconstruction until mid-January here  

Numerous links via Google etc give empty results due the the problem.   Charter     2011     Young Carer Charter  

Herefordshire Home page here.     


pagetop here     



Go to Herefordshire Carers Strategy 2012-2015.  

      On arrival use Control and f keys together.  

      Type  HCS in the box.        

      Follow 29 links.  Go now  

Here is an example of a card system  via a search.  Unfortunately, the website is experiencing problems as seen here.   Best way is via the Home page in order to arrive hereRegister

 from HCS page

  • Parent Carer Voice here  
  •     Leaflet issued on the day here

from H T page 



                                                                                                          Leaflet issued at Parent Carer Voice event, 6 December 2013 here

                                                                                     Parent Carer Voice event, 6 December 2013 here        


This page is a satellite of the leaflet issued at the Parent Carer Voice event  here

  1. Joshua at the Battle of Red Tape Square  When Joshua fit the battle, he didn't know what he had started!

Chippendale S (2001) The importance of funding palliative care education:

           a look to the future. International Journal of Palliative Nursing 7(6):298-300  here

            Chippendale S (1997) Review of Kohner (1996) ‘The moral maze of practice: 

            A stimulus for reflection and discussion.’ Journal of Medical Ethics 23(4):261-262   here  p 10  ref only

Gwen Chaney  -  Director of Studies (Social Care)   here


                          Chaney G. (2001) Why use portfolios for promoting student learning and assessment in HE? 

                          SEEC conference on portfolios for learning and assessment in higher education 28 March 2001   n/a



The report of the Parent Carer Voice event here will be up to scratch by Monday morning.  Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin will be prominent.  Several good quotes .  Anything you can point me to will be put in as well.  Just say if it is to be acknowledged.

Draft summary     to be linked from here       hidden page  i.e. not listed here or here or shown normally

page under construction  - the initial focus is  j

Preamble - not for publication

Please bear in mind that:

   a)  It might have been a better summary if a Tablet had been used. (More at 1c here.)

   b)  Looking after my wife is my primary carer role.  Ditto re our younger daughter is my secondary carer role 

   c)  Dec 6 was my first attendance and I hope there will be more

   d)  Meetings are fine but what other record of this one will there be?  What follow-up will take place?

   e)  It is a draft summary, it is put forward on a suggestion  basis, and the reader's involvement is requested

          see ?? at No. 3, No. 10, No. 11  and considerations in  i).  All suggestions are welcome.

    f)  The author of the letter in No. 2 has been asked if I can put it on a separate page linked to this one 

    g)  This page is written for the general reader (eventually and soon, I hope) and includes links to material you might 

          take for granted

    h)  Info of a personal nature will only be included by agreement.  Please contact me if you have specific requests 

         for its inclusion/deletion.   

    i)   The draft is not finished.  Any views on its tone/register and changing content are welcome and before it continues.  

         Blue  text contains personal info and this is an attempt to seek opinion on its inclusion.  More text of the sort will     

         ensue for consideration. 

    j)   Re being hidden - contact has been made with a group member and the page will remain  

         a hidden page until someone says it can be opened.   All this assumes that present readers have saved it.  It is 

         assumed that the group member will  communicate with the rest of the group. 

            This can be pasted  The link to this page is here.  Or the full title and link can be picked up from the foot of the page.

            This page will not be announced here or posted here until a group member agrees.     

     k)  An email was sent to our visitors on 11 Dec inviting their involvement in this page.

*However, I won't wait forever. An abstract will be available to you only at noon on Monday 16 December.  You can 

            comment on it and I will consider revisions prior to publication on the Wednesday.

No reply from the Tory Party.  Sent to
Catch up on   Grant Shapps here  and  MPs here.
Catch up on the Coalition here.
My Herefordshire MP is here.   Sample here.  Email sent 16 November.Jesse Norman is 
Jesse Norman is phoning today - 5 Dec
6  Big society is left to local yokels

Struggling families and carers - Hereford Journal 27 Nov p 6

Martha Feldman  here  here books here and here, has written about self identity .......   martha feldman books self sufficiency here

two practices highly wesfield in leomminster

2nd  the marches leom  dr fisher is here

winner fownhop 

highly commened

they listened , 

trustee  press for your rights  articulate them   congrats to B


address the whole pop need = PH  

protecting us all in the community

statistics   size of the issue     no typical carer   a fried i just do things for here

11.3 % of hfds pop

who cares              


madness cuts hcc we are at the end of a pendulum swing 

go back 70 take sugar  radio prog disbled move from corner  movement powerful  will bring down 

I have sent numerous suggestions to Jacqui Bremmner and have had a two hour meeting to no avail.  I trust that this comment goes nowhere.

The SundayTelegraph on 24 November 2013, p 29 included the following letter on the left.  My reply is adjacent.  Notes aimed at providing help follow.

Additional text if space permits   

In front of this para:

It is possible Gerald Fisher is waiting for a family member to take on a carer role.  I hope not.

It was when I joined the millions of unpaid carers and started a new role looking after my increasingly disabled wife in  in 2000. Since then, the household surprises have poured in.  Not least among them is the matter of household management itself.  I previously thought I was doing my bit paying the bills and mixing the concrete. 

Update 26 Nov

The  'Allo - 'Allo NHS  - by a GP

Where are zey putting all the earth from ze tunnel?’

‘In the graves they have already dug.’

‘But where are zey putting all ze earth from ze graves?’

‘They are digging more graves…’

And there you have it — the NHS, in a nutshell.  

more and comment here

Dishwasher blues

SIR - A temporary change in family circumstances has caused me to take on an unfamiliar domestic role, which has thrown up hitherto unimagined situations and experiences.

So far the most baffling is the dishwasher; a misnomer if ever there was one. Only a limited range of dishes are eligible for loading, before which they have to be rinsed by hand. The machine then churns away half the night using copious amounts of water and electricity. The end results are questionable.

What other household surprises lie in store, I wonder?

Gerald Fisher 

Kettering, Northamptonshire


                                       read the articles here

Washing machine blues 

SIR - It's good to read that Gerald Fisher's Dishwasher Blues is a temporary situation (Letters, Sunday Telegraph 24 November.  .  Washing blues or whites can be equally disastrous.  I changed the dial when the electricity was connected.  The only good result was a replacement for a machine on its last legs. 

It is possible Gerald Fisher is waiting for a family member to take on a carer role.  I hope not.

Support Groups are  1 Nov - site pending  here.   Ross-on-Wye Group is here.           

Herefordshire Carers Strategy here and here.  (Take your  pick of sources. Select a pdf).  Source at foot of page 1 Nov - site pending  here.

Carers Hub here.  West Midlands resources here   Strategies here  Healthwatch here.  

Recent meeting 1 Nov - site pending  here.  

Another 1 Nov - site pending here.  All the more reason for HCS focus on GP links - near foot of page here.

HCS has produced a document worth reading.  It begins with:

         Your community - your say (YCYS) was commissioned by Herefordshire Council in order to start the 

         process of engaging Herefordshire residents in meaningful conversations about the future of public 

         services in the county.                                     Document 1 Nov - site pending  here.


HCS is interested in carer feedback through its forums 1 Nov - site pending  here.

On 6 Nov, I completed a form and Helen collected more  from the Ross Group.  I presume all the other members were advised about the cancellation. 

The site is nowhere near to being launched in the razmataz sense. You only know about it via a support group, email or through one of your own contacts.

 If you haven't seen the Carer Stories page yet, read the link text at Item 6 here.


It wouldn't be too late for county carer support agencies to learn a song and get themselves on the radio and TV. Better still, once you and I are working to similar goals, I can notify them what's happening asap. Here's thesong. There's more nearby and thecounty carer support agencies can choose songs to sing on CRD.



 Age Concern               

Ali - haven't checked many links within text you sent ages ago.  Comment welcome as usual.

Among the many useful leads etc, mention was made of  Wye Valley Foot Care.  I have searched here and have sent an email to

This is a resources page. The graphic below will be repositioned above in due course. 
Alison Fletcher, the Ross Manager at Age Concern is talking to us on 6 November.
Phoenix Theatre, 10.30am - 12.30pm   source
 6th Nov - Alison Fletcher, Age Concern Ross and District
 4th Dec - Christmas Meal (TBC) (((((Has been confirmed)))))                                                       as shown here.                                       


Young carers  124 page created on 4 Nov after an opportunity to meet professionals arose

The page is intended for general readership and will benefit, by agreement,  from the opportunity on 8 Nov.

There's therapeutic elements for you n'est pas? here



Assuming that when you click a link, a new tab opens, you can flip between the two pages.  The text is at 2a here.  


While you are there, perhaps refresh re 2b  and 2c.

"Many carers have a lot going on in their world.
They must see that the person they care for has all that she or he needs and round the clock."  (3a - 1 same page  
here if it has disappeared.

      10 Offer to take over this website within a defined project
If you are operating within the carer world and see scope, let's talk. 

 4   HCC   =   Hereford City and Herefordshire County Councils - section later to be re-titled Councils

 5   HCS   =   Herefordshire Carers Support    - to remain as a permanent section by negotiation


Go next to the Overview to see where there is material to look at.


To be removed before readership widens

Quotes per section


"If you look after a relative, friend or neighbour who because of illness, disability or the effects of age, cannot manage at home without help then you are a carer..."



"Young carers are children and young people who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, or is affected by mental ill-health or substance misuse."


more 2    


As a carer, I need to renew my wife's parking badge every three years.  Another example of the hoops one has to go through is here.



How to avoid running out of money when you retire  here    pic source man thinking



Turning attention to young people, some of them will also be involved in finding a job.  What you see is based on those on a course of study.  It can be amended to include those who are not.  click  

panel 1

Creating new paths in the jungle

The main purpose of this page is to serve as a set of links to progress so far - 30 Sept.  Panels 2 to 4 are not needed and will go elsewhere.


So far, the paths and broad scenery look like this:


The Intro section (this section)


Website explainedOverview and Early words are meant for initial reading

The section  includes The local focus  with header graphic and a few links.   and   There's text on the Computers page.  The Abbreviations page has been started.


Carer - sets out some important points      page graphics and  text for a few pages including Exasperation and  a song   to help carers together to unwind. 


Caree - why this title has been chosen        header graphic only


Ways-   ie Resources  - Internet etc links (and good amount of detail) to be followed by two specific resources - HCC and HCS in the first instance


HCC  -  Herefordshire City Council and the County Council       header graphics and site links only


HCS -   Herefordshire Carers Support    header graphic and site link only


More -   further specific resources will be found here such as (but only, just now)   Newspapers which may be relocated


Rights   relating to carer and caree


Law - legal aspects relating to carer and caree       header graphic only


Gov  - the politics of unpaid care provision     header graphic only


Uni -   university and other aspects of education


More - end pages including the index now via the Intro, plus "Where do we go from here?"





for pasting

header graphic and some text 

header graphic only

and site link

will be found here





 panel 2

The header graphic depicts the first set of paths and even the smallest area of trees is five miles by four.  Our mouse is in the pilot's seat of the helicopter over the jungle and the thermal imaging camera gets excited.

The helicopter is lowered to find ........

panel 3 

 ........ Jungle Jenny going bonkers.


Join us as a co-pilot and help find more pathways.

link to how to do that  -  later

 panel 4

When she has calmed down, Jenny will tell her story as a carer.







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The list arose from PM and I talking Scots and overlapping personal interests.

Piper here                       See  I (for India) Events for January 2015 - Robert Burns  here

Piper website here          Some aspects of publicity for events here

Jubilee pipe tune here     There may be ways of linking J to this tune.  To be explored much later


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