An exploration of the UK carer world

My experience                          

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1        Talking

1.1      Other carers  

1.1.1   On an individual basis by face to face discussion, by phone

1.1.2    Within carer support groups 

1.1.3    At central (e.g. within county etc) meetings

1.1.4    More than talking here

1.2     Carees

1.2.1  At combined carer/caree events - example here

2         Writing and receiving email

2.1      Other carers
2.2      Carer support group leaders
2.3      Those involved in carer support provision
2.4      Other professionals such as medics, district nurses, dieticians
2.5      Other professionals involved in law, finance etc

3          Reading

3.1       Newspapers here
3.2       Magazines
3.3       Books - general
3.4       Books - specialised  here
3.5       Journals
3.6       The above and more via the Internet

4           Other media

4.1        Radio  including here.  Someone ought to recreate such provision.
4.2        TV

5           Common sense

5.1        We may all think we have it.  Does it need definition?    Don't know?  Take your pick.

5.2        Is common sense different for men and women?   more 

6           History

The listing system now changes.  It is easier to add items when they arise.  

  1. Carer role started in 2000.  Chemotherapy component affected my wife's feet 
  3. Moved house in 2004

  4. Wife dependence on wheelchair increased markedly in 2005

  5. Tried one purchase of pavement scooter 2005

  6. Bought another in 2008.  Used about five times in normal sense but (since 2014) see here.

  7. Ability to use either scooter came to an end in 2008

  8. Younger daughter with chronic ailments started a series of major operations.  Have been a secondary carer to her since.

  9. Wife's range of impairments markedly increased in 2012

  10. Seven-week, one afternoon per week carer course undertaken in early 2013

  11. First contact with local carer support group   - monthly - in September 2013 - here

  12. 2013 - the need for all wife's food to be made into puree

  13. The role of meal-preparer is extended

  14. That led to investigation of prepared meals here  and here.  OK at first but now limited use.  You can read the pages but not the reader who accesses the site normally.  The company is not recommended for those who need special meals involving purees and blended food.

  15. This website started - mid September 2013.

  16. 18 May 2015 - see update 14 May of that year here.

  17. 100% dependent on powered chair 2014

  18. Dementia confirmed 2014

  19. Later than that - see the updates page - my wife's health is subject to change.

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