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  1. Debrett
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  3. Enough said
  4. Recent cases of no reply
  5. Apology
  6. Watch this space
  7. The Alibi Society 
  8. Much better use of a tank

1     Debrett 


It is polite to reply to emails promptly - a simple acknowledgement with a promise that you will give the email your full attention at a given later point is preferable to 'sitting on' the message. - more.   

It's obvious that most who don't reply delete the email immediately it is received.


As a general rule of thumb, though, it's all about having consideration for others. In both "E-tiquette" and etiquette, . . . . . .   "The number-one rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated." source

2     Other sources  


Always reply to an email as soon as possible to show the sender that you are dealing with the information. source  

If not so dealing, send a brief reply stating less starkly - not interested.


When people e-mail ... , it is because they wish to receive a quick response. If they did not want a quick response they would send a letter or a fax. Therefore, each e-mail should be replied to within at least 24 hours, and preferably within the same working day. If the email is complicated, just send an email back saying that you have received it and that you will get back to them. This will put the sender's mind at rest  .....   source

3     Enough said

Google could go on forever.

4     Recent cases of no reply

4.1  The Bruce Trust - Hire a motorhome for those with special needs  more   Link to this page sent via here

      There is a social media page here but I didn't use it.

      Another branch is shown here.  Being afraid of caree-illness repetition is no excuse.


4.2  Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University here  Nothing but auto-reply 3 May.

5     Apology


If you have been sent this page in error, please accept my apology.  There may have been a computer error at my end of the sequence.  Kindly resend your reply.


If you are in 4 now, you won't be if the problem has been resolved.

6     Watch this space


Any notable reaction [or lack of  any response] will be reported - 5.2 excepted.  However, readership is in low numbers - so far.  Page may be un-hidden later.


The page is sent to fellow-carers in similar circumstance.  Fellow-warriors is more apt.  There's generally a battle going on with what we laughingly call carer provision.  4.2 will agree.

7   The Alibi Society 

We live in an excuse-based world here

pagetop  for pasting  Email etiquette here

8  Much better use of a tank here

    See 6.2

Hire a motorhome for those with special needs 

See 4.1