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My offer includes:

  1. Occasional lectures, training sessions etc 
  2. Most non-specialised* aspects of this website can be covered - specific brief needed

  3. Participation within occasional lectures, training sessions etc 

  4. Attendance at tutorials and discussion groups - participation qualified before

  5. Evaluation/second opinion relating to essays, reports, dissertations, theses, presentations, scenario exercises and case study analysis 

  6. Leading or participating in formal debate - extra-curricular debate included

  7. Involvement in setting up courses, curriculum development, and course evaluation
     Meaning that I don't offer a session on, say, dementia as a specialist.  I would, however run a session             on the topic involving such pages as here   here   and any outcome from  here and  here.

         A good starting point is to engage with trainees and students on my experience as an unpaid carer. 
         More here

My request is to attend occasional lectures as an observer. I hope to attend one afternoon per week within a module of any course where the unpaid carer is an important topic. 

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