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This page soon followed when the site was created in Sept 2013.  There has been little editing since and it has proved to be a well-used page.



"People who really don’t care as opposed to just being busy with their life, show some kind of avoidance behavior. That’s a very clear sign that they really can’t be bothered with caring for you. Walk away and smile because it is their loss."

Yes, that's in some cloud, and that's where it belongs as it doesn't help carers who have no one to turn to.  That's why the first quotation, also on a cloud, is the one such carers must grapple with. 

Alone  Home page here.

A good 50% of the emails I receive are appeals for help with this topic.  I answer each as best as I can.  One practical response is here.

             2    For solitary carers

  1. Have you looked for your county/town carer support group(s)?  here

  2. Have your registered as a carer within your surgery?
  3. Have you discussed your own and caree situation with your GP?

  4. Is there a care noticeboard?   If not, go to 2.5

  5. Have you looked at 2.7 in your library?

  6. Have you enquired there?

  7. Would you consider starting a local carer support group?

  8. Do you need help with 2.13?

  9. Have you read the Focus Groups page here?

  10.                                     Quick Guide page here?

               3    For organisations


It is taken as read that yours is, broadly, a helping-others organisation.  Ditto re it has assessed its membership or created a system which ensures no one within who needs help has been ignored, bypassed or forgotten.

  1. What steps have you taken to find local carers/carees/independent carees in need?

  2. When new faces turn up at your meetings, what is your welcome policy?

  3. What is your welcome action?

  4. If you have a website, do you ask "Are you a carer?

  5. How do you respond?

  6. Do you offer a befriending service?

  7. Do you offer a sign-posting service? ... ... ...

  8. And wave goodbye?

  9. Have you already branched?  You specialise in helping specific carer-group(s).  here but see 2.17

  10. If you are considering 3.17, have you implemented 3.7?  You need to be carer-oriented first.

  11. Update 8 October 2016 - would you host a DIY DMC - link here?

  12. Have you fulfilled the prerequisites above?

  13. Update 5 November 2016 - would you host a DMC like this

  14. Have you fulfilled the prerequisites above?

4    Carers at the heart of 21st-century families and communities 

Author HM Government in 2008

ref numbers and italics added  


With only two years to complete the job below, it is unlikely that the goals will be achieved nationally, and that this Carerworld webpage will be redundant.  However, that doesn't prevent Ross DMC  from achieving the goals locally.  See foot of the page here.

Our vision is that by 2018, carers will be universally recognised and
valued as being fundamental to strong families and stable communities.


Support will be tailored to meet individuals’ needs, enabling carers
to maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life
outside caring, while enabling the person they support to be a full and
equal citizen.


By 2018:

carers will be respected as expert care partners and will have access
         to the integrated and personalised services they need to support
         them in their caring role;

carers will be able to have a life of their own alongside their caring

carers will be supported so that they are not forced into financial
          hardship by their caring role;

carers will be supported to stay mentally and physically well and
         treated with dignity;

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