An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

DMC at L  20 april 2016      hidden page   

In this format so I can add further items as I remember.

Notes for the future.  If I see any scope for a dmc here, these notes will be useful.

Structure etc of today's event

arrived when event was in progress

all in  a circle   - two teams men and women taking turns to throw weighted pads into numbered pockets, total put on board


rectangular table for carees and carers

scattered tables for helpers and overspill carees 

heated Teresa''s prep meal

carees etc meal awful - packaged meat pies, grated cheese, coleslaw etc

little conversation 

                 ours with Diane of Walford ex Phockle Green


must bring wedge on stick - difficult door

                   toilet frame - no drop-down bars behind loo

                   hand gel

                   thermos of hot water 

After lunch

The earth

Various colours of squares of tissue paper were turned into flowers placed on pin-board wall to rep the earth.

Ongoing exercise of carees etc stating their dreams for the world.  After several Qs. M came out with her dream of going back to Norway.  I have seen adverts for an insurance company which might cope with Teresa's condition but no realistic intent to explore.   

We didn't see any follow up of this earth activity until two weeks after.


One of the carees bday.  Given a signed card and a mug.

We were asked to describe a memorable birth day.

A good excuse to get people interacting within the circle.

M didn't want to speak so I related a story to cover us both.

I began by saying that we were married soon after the arrival of William the Conqueror.  They seemed to like that bit.  A suitable distraction.

The Xmas after we were married in 1962, we went by Pulman train   [ ie a train from decades ago - like W the C   ]  from London to Derby to stay with M's aunt and uncle in Derby for a few days. 

We went on my birthday and, not long after,  on M's, there was a surprise gathering of 50 of Teresa's family.


I managed to refrain from making suggestions like rethinking the lunch food and table-layout as well as not critising the loo.