An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Your DIY  DMC - ways and means 

More ways than means so far  

The prime means =  run in pilot format for a few weeks and then show "the right people" who will look after the project via a formal process.  With a strong wind, your host will be the constituted body.

Vol = volunteer

1  Some preliminaries

1.1  Paperwork

1.1.1.    The  way the project and the host work together.  For issue to everyone involved   
  1. The aims of the project and how they are hoped to be achieved

  2. The host role

  3. DIY DMC Leader role

  4. Role of volunteers - some may come via the host

  5. Fire drill programme
  7.  It needs to be clear to all that carers remain in the building at all times when their carees are within 

  8. Need a sentence on carees prone to wandering - see FAQs - 3.5 here

  9. Need a sentence on personal liability and indemnity   

  10. DBS - vols -  There’s no charge if you’re a volunteer. here

1.1.2  For carers

  1. Important stipulations such as no personal care can be carried out.  This involves use of the WC.  Also medication. 

  2. Emphasise   - The aims of the project and how they are hoped to be achieved
  3. The routine + parking

  4. The reg docs which they have prev been sent, to bring on Day 1
  6. Recommended.  Medical  aspects depend on source - GPs, DNs, OTs.

1.1.3   For members - carers and carees
  1.  no list yet

1.1.4   For volunteers
  1. Ask them to read this set of pages and return a printed A5 with their interests

  2. DBS forms or online - as above

  3. An A4 sheet on the role, a "how to" section.  It will include lifting carees, and other safety points.  as above.

1.1.5   Documentation - Participant records
  1.  See FAQs - 3.3 - 3.5 here

1.1.6   Documentation - Project records
  1. Daily finance

  2. Daily log - who attended, what was done,  schedule maintained, recommended changes, costs, visitors, key points - + and minus

  3. Visitor book

1.1.7   Documentation - The relationship between the project and the host.  
  1.     T & C?  
  2.     Contract?
  3.     Booking forms 
  4.     Insurance 
  5.     See   1  Some preliminaries above - DBS - vols

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