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Page under construction - nothing more than a framework.

The Business Plan framework is set out: 

  1. Concept Description
  2. Opportunity
  3. Product/Service
  4. Value Proposition 
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Competitive Advantage
  7. Management
  8. Funding

1  Concept Description 

  1. The essence of the DIY DMC 

2  Opportunity

  1. Demonstration of good opportunity 

  2. The size of the market

  3. The evidence to support the demand 

  4. The compelling need

  5. The critical trends

  6. How the DIY DMC will exploit them

3   Product/Service

  1. Further aspects of SWOT analysis here

  2. How the product is produced and delivered.

  3. How the service is produced and delivered. 

4   Value Proposition

  1. The target market 

  2. The benefits to the target market 

5  Marketing Strategy

  1. The key elements of the marketing strategy - Intro

  2.        Pricing Strategy 

  3.        Advertising strategy 
  5.        Distribution channels
  7.        Noteworthy marketing techniques (pricing, promotions,advertising, website)

  8.        Market perception of the DIY DMC

  9.        How much inventory is required to support the marketing strategy 

6  Competitive Advantage

  1. The competition 

  2. The DIY DMC competitive advantage 


7  Management

7.1  Team 

  1. The management team

  2. How it makes a success of the venture 

  3. Terminology - the need to distinguish between Manager and Leader  

7.2  Leadership
  1. The DMC Leader  - PL - Project Leader

  2. The Deputy Project Leader - DPL

7.3  Staffing matters here

8  Funding

  1. The personnel funding required 

  2. The premises funding required 

  3. The equipment funding required

  4. Potential funding sources

  5. Application procedure  


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