An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                                      presuming there's only one DIY DMC in the local race!

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One purpose of this page is to collect info for the DIY DMC Business Plan  here

"You" = Leader.  That's more convenient than forever saying "Your DIY DMC ...".  You = your team as well.

Your DIY DMC is ready to roll.                                                                13 Oct - under construction

                 1  You have reached the Advisory Board - Phase 1

                 2  You have found premises - the Advisory Board stage is still a dream

                 3  We deal with 1 first as 2 selects from 1

1  You have reached the Advisory Board - AB - Phase 1

The stage is set although there's a lot to be worked out

  1. Terms
  2. The core team
  3. The premises
  4. The broad plan
  5. The broad plan and the AB
  6. Finance
  7. The volunteers
  8. The carers
  9. The broad plan - BP 2
  10. Publicity
  11. Conclusion

1     Terms
  1.  How the DIY DMC and the AB function re basic legal aspects 

2     The core team
  1. You may be the core team or you have a few stalwarts on board

  2. You will have had previous discussion with the AB liaison person - ABL

  3. That would have included Terms

  4. You will have agreed with ABL who within 2.1 participates in the more detailed discussion which now follows

3   The premises

3.1   Preamble
  1. The prospect of finding premises where you just lock the door when your DIY DMC is not in operation is remote

  2. It follows that the premises are in use for other purposes - youth group, choral group, village hall etc. 

  3. Let's call another variation - different purpose - a public house, fitness premises

  4. Let's call another variation - higher purpose - as in church, council premises

  5. The additional variations of access, parking, layout, room type etc are, of course, endless

  6. Once all that is known, you are the key-holder responsible within the Terms

3.2   Your impact              
  1. The prospect of finding premises where you just leave the chairs and items in regular use is minimal

  2. Early discussion with ABL is essential regarding storage availability and broad modus operandi

  3. Outcomes include signage, and how you apply the DIY element vis a vis equipment, portability being paramount

4   The broad plan - BP 1
  1. It is written with the Business Plan in mind.  

  2. However, we can agree to jump to Marketing and identify your USP

  3. Your USP is the combination of the solution to the "normal" (only two)  DMC taking a year to muster, and seeking funds using the three time-tenses and not just the future tense

5   The broad plan - BP 1, and the AB

5.1  MO
  1. Settle initial modus operandi
  2. Initial meeting - vols and Leader - ABL has choice to attend
  3. Agree a broad plan with ABL
  4. Agree the initial publicity plan with ABL

5.2    The Broad Plan
  1. The initial modus operandi is to run one day per week 1100 to 1500

  2. See Timing and content - the day framework  at 6.2 here   

  3. At the discretion of the AB, a representative can observe with/without giving notice 

  4.                                             an initial review can take place
  6.                                             such reviews can take place until AB decides either to  .. .

  7. increase the amount of its involvement by, for example, supporting funding applications, .. .

  8. and/or by exploring funding support from within its parent organisation                                           

5.3    Initial publicity
  1. Dependent upon the outcome of local discussion relating to Dementia Friendly Communities ...
  3. See    3  Third  -  Prepare for Public Meeting 1    here

6   Finance

6.1 Intro
  1. 13 Oct  - A meeting attended by carees, carers, volunteers and staff at the Leominster DMC was told that it needs £80,000 to run it per annum.  There was disquiet over future funding.

  2. This proves the point of a DIY DMC but that is an aside

  3. Given that AB is to cover utility costs , DBS, insurance, volunteer training costs, and other legal aspects,  the need for money includes:

6.2   Costs
  1. DIY equipment which can be made via DIY
  2. Equipment and materials which cannot be made via DIY
  3. Activities run by specialists
  4. Services by specialists

6.2.1    DIY equipment which can be made via DIY
  1. For the first example, see    1.2  DIY equipment and materials   here   £35  v < £10 including plastic archery with plastic arrows.

  2. Example 2 - TOSS AND TALK BALLS costing £15 each can be replaced by painted balloons.  More on a long page  -  Activities to share  No. 12  here 

  3. Example 3 - Jenga - a fair version could cost £15.  Your DIY DMC Shed Talk group could make with £6 

  4. For Year 1, the estimate is £600

6.2.2    Equipment and materials which cannot be made via DIY 
  1. To be kept to a minimum. The 6.1 £80k has brought impressive equipment to the Leominster DMC.  

  2. Examples of high-cost dementia activities here.  This looks as if it should be in the previous section - a muff

  3. This writer bought Trivial Pursuit in good condition from a charity shop for £2  v  > £20 here.  It is not envisaged that it will be played.  The cards provide Qs & As for use in quizzes and competitions.

  4. That denotes the contrast between a very well-funded project and the DIY approach.  Only the latter gives the heightened sense of ownership and group cohesion arising from using "our equipment".

  5. The writer has ordered a range of low-profile equipment amounting to £90 here.

  6. His estimate for the first year is £500

6.2.3      Activities run by specialists
  1. I would be happy to lead a dance session in February next year. I charge £80 per session plus mileage at 20p per mile. here
  3. It would come within an adjusted time slot of 75 mins before lunch - Timing and content - the day framework here 6.2.

  4. My fee for an activity similar to that provided at Leominster would be £80 per session. here
  6. A violinist yet to provide Internet identity has quoted £70.

  7. The estimate for a year based on two visits pcm times £80 is £1920.

6.2.4      Services by specialists
  1. Massage, nail sessions, hair-dressing - usually by visiting specialists  4.2.5 here  8, 9 & 22 June 2016 here.

  2. Alzheimer dementia advisers here.  Presumed to be at no cost. 

  3. Carer support organisations.  Put that and your county name into Google.  Explore the results.  Invite accordingly.  Presumed to be free.

  4. Provisional estimate for one year, two charged visits pcm times £25 is £600

6.2.5  First estimated Year 1 running costs total

  1. DIY equipment which can be made via DIY                                        £600
  2. Equipment and materials which cannot be made via DIY                   £500
  3. Activities run by specialists      rounded                                            £2000                                             Services by specialists                                                                        £600
                                                                                                         Total £3700

7   The volunteers
  1. // 6.1.5 applies

8   The carers

9    The broad plan - BP 2

10  Publicity
  1. Start to acquire the big picture via Pics for DIY DMC publicity  here

11    Conclusion
  1. This is where you came  in

  2. Although you are full of enthusiasm, presuming there's only one solution - your DIY DMC - to problems within  local dementia care provision achieves nothing.  You need to wear the carer's moccasins. Even then, carers don't all make decisions about what happens to their carees.  The family is involved. Social services are involved.   GPs and other healthcare professionals are involved.  Carer and local healthcare provision bank managers are involved.

  3. There are daycare centres and residential care homes offering similar function to your DIY DMC

  4. Considering that DMCs and DIY DMCs have not been heard of by most carers and their families making decisions concerning their carees, your publicity and other aspects of marketing need to be up to the mark

  5. Considering that many carers making decisions concerning their carees can be influenced by the carer respite opportunity offered by  daycare centres and residential care homes ie "parking their carees", your publicity and other aspects of marketing need to be past the mark.

  6. And if that's not enough to contend with, there's one more factor to add to 11.3.  You may have more on your plate here.

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