An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                                                  your DIY DMC participants share the care

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Given that there are some ten carees, eight carers*,

* The carees could include two who are at the early or intermediate stage of dementia who 
   are able to live their lives independently and who cope without a carer.  source 8.5 
  The challenge to facilitators includes the decision regarding, at times, which group they work in.

the group permutations are:

1   Everyone working together

2   Females working together

3   Males working together

4   Carees working together

4.1     Female carees working together

4.2     Male carees working together

5   Carers working together

5.1    Female carers working together

5.2    Male carers working together

6   Volunteers


1   Everyone working together

  1. What's for lunch?  See  2 Catering, and 3.4.2  Lunch,  here

  2. Activities - purchases and DIY  here 

Sharing memories (e.g. holidays, school days, sharing work history/hobbies and interests, based on reminiscence work)
  • • Use life story work/develop in a group or individual level (Age UK guide)
  • • Creative groups- Art based
  • • Creative projects- hobbies- new opportunities
  • • Woodwork/table top activities
  • • Gardening- table top projects e.g. bulb planting
• Practical coping sessions:- e.g.
•        Manage memory problems
•        Managing day to day problems
•        Planning ahead with memory problems e.g. legal issues  here



2   Females working together
  1. Hands up for knitting! 

  2. It could be part of a feely muff containing small items sewn into the inside

  3. Feely bags also will be welcomed.  You can put more in.  With just a few ideas you can turn the all-time favorite mystery game into a great tool for encouraging haptic skills,  thinking skills including perception, prediction, analysis, and synthesis

  4. `Knitting/sewing cloth mice here 1.2  DIY equipment and materials

  5. Female input needed.  A few years ago, my wife would have been working with me.

  6. Is the image on the left crochet?

3   Males working together
  1. Shed Talk here 1.2  DIY equipment and materials

  2. Practical groups- handyman sessions here

  3. More to come

4   Carees working together
  1. See 12 here

  2. More to come

4.1     Female carees working together
  1. The Leominster DMC employs a woman to deal with participants' nails.  Massage is also available.

  2. Depending upon interest and capability within this group and volunteers, 4.1.1 need not be necessary. 

  3. There will be greater needs beyond knitting/sewing cloth mice.

  4. Knitting needles will be more popular among participants than acupuncture needles. 

4.2    Male carees working together
  1. A too-heavily structured DIY DMC will not encourage flexibility and resourcefulness.  

  2. Shed Talk  comes next.  It would be too easy for it to hand down "the easy jobs" to the carees.

5   Carers working together

5.1      Female carers working together

5. 2    Male carers working together
  1. Shed talk provides chin-wag chances for sharing DIY projects verbally and resultant popping round to borrow a hammer from new friends.  Not long after that, three or four are helping a fifth carer with his drainage problem.

  2. The group is then socially cohesive and ready to deal with whatever needs to be done arising from other group wants.

6   Volunteers
  1. Volunteers here


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