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Update 9 Jan 2017


A key task is to find out where all dementia and other mind ailment care provision is located and who provides it. 
A member has already prepared a map.

To communicate to MHSG -

A Local Dementia Action Alliance is a collection of stakeholders brought together to
improve the lives of people with dementia in their area. They typically include a
range of organisations within a community for example bus companies, taxi firms,
police forces, fire and rescue services, high street retailers, local authorities,
charities, care providers and health trusts, faith groups, local associations or schools. 

source - 8/18 here

How to join the Herefordshire DAA here


This is a formula page if you are out of county.    

The main context is DIY DMCs.  There are other readers for whom this page is also useful.   They include  Herefordshire Communities looking to become Dementia Friendly Communities.

You have on your doorstep an example of the need to think big.   

More than 100 individuals, community groups, charitable organisations and businesses in South Gloucestershire attended an event today (January 12, 2015) to mark the official launch of South Gloucestershire becoming dementia-friendly.   source

That would have called for at least one large-scale public meeting at the start of the project.

Local Mental Health groups and local DFC promotion groups can combine to assemble everyone interested in improving mental health care provision and the DIY DMC project is an important part of the meetings.  Call it Public Meeting 1.

1  First - explore
  1. Find out the members of Dementia Action Alliance - HDA in your county and explore re making contact.

  2. Check whether the members are local or national organisations, company, not-for-profit org, emergency service etc

  3. If looking at a national org, click it, see results, then add your county to the search.  See No. 7.  In this case, nothing useful emerges. 

2  Second - pick up tips

Tips and editable text for use in a variety of applications.
  1. When an org looks useful, read it thoroughly. Pick up points and translate them into text relevant to your proposal.  

  2. Monnow Valley Arts looks useful.  It is on my list as a source of help to any DIY DMC in Ross, and a visit for participants.

  3. Endorsing the 10 Dignity Principles comes from the Healthwatch Herefordshire page and that is here 

  4. There's no reason the 10 Principles  here  should be limited to care homes although they may not appear explicitly in either your DIY DMC submissions, or, if you are DFC-ing, in that proposal.  There will be other uses.

3  Third - Prepare for Public Meeting 1 - PM 1
  1. By registering for the process your community commits to the following conditions: . . . providing information on progress on a local webpage or site, for example this could be the local Dementia Action Alliance page. source 12.17

  2. Clearly, you need to muster your local orgs and companies and point them towards DAA after the pep talk

  3. The PM 1 serves to raise awareness of the three main components of project impetus - your locality as a DFC, membership of the local DAA, and your DIY DMC

  4. Help explore educational opportunity to prepare young people for a likely future role as a dementia carer.  7.1 here

  5.  That topic needs thinking through within the local context.  Establish what is happening in secondary  education, for a start.  Dementia Friendly Schools here may be as rare as DFCs.  . Is there a Dementia  Friendly Coordinator to contact?

  6. People worried about memory ailment and other indications have not been encouraged so far. 6.3  here.  Find out which orgs etc are involved with people in this context.  Invite to PM 1.

  7. The PM1 will make this public - "Use of the term dementia does not rule out those who suffer from related mind ailments."  3.1 - FAQs here

  8. Although a shortened version would be appropriate at PM1, Mary’s Isle of Wight story could have occurred in any community. here
  9. Your DFC will help ensure it doesn't happen on your doorstep.  See 4.1 here.  Similar stories could be told at your local Mental Health Group in the DFC debate.

  10. The PM 1 will emphasise the two-way process
  1. The opportunity to ensure that your DIY DMC is seen by your local community as being involved in a two-way process of support must not be missed.

  2. The participants, volunteers, and staff when appointed  will all feel they are saying thank you to the community for the help received in setting up the DIY DMC.

  3. Finding out if such a story mentioned above at 3.15 -  4 here  if you missed it - might be repeated on their doorstep will be part of the fact-finding component of an interesting project.

  4. Resultant publicity ought not to be the driving force. 

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                             Mary’s Isle of Wight story could have occurred in any community. Your DFC and DIY DMC will                                    help ensure it doesn't happen on your doorstep.  See 4.1 here.