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                                          both caree and carer feel the pain - in different ways  

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1     Towards your DIY Dementia Meeting Centre

  1. It is presumed that the reader has read the Dementia Meeting Centres synopsis  - here.  The MeetingDem process is far too long and involved for DMCs to grow at a reasonable pace.  Accepting that they all need proper constitution, there is another way of going about new DMCs.  Two UK DMCs are the outcome of a three-year  international project - IP -  to improve dementia care.  Its way of operating involves many formal meetings.  The process for a new UK DMC can take more than a year.  The IP UK arm reports its findings in February 2017.  It is logical that present funding bodies will not fund anything else until at soonest, March.  Which means that any new project will depend on other resources.  The ultimate rationale is to demonstrate that your pilot project is worthwhile to the participants couched in their terms. 

  2. Because the IP project is bound by convention, potential stakeholders are told what is hoped to happen.  You start under your own steam and as you gain momentum, interest will grow.  You will inform potential stakeholders what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.  These all add up to innovation within an innovation   You are 60% down the trail because you have found premises and an operational team of dedicated, enthusiasts with the shared purpose of providing improvements in local dementia services within a much shorter time than the IP.   source 1.1 after editing which includes new text

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