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3 Aug

Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here    hidden here

Glamorgan Holiday Hotel page here

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to hotel full board here   Lunch here 

British Institute of Learning Disabilities - all pages  here

31 July

Going tomorrow for three days to Glamorgan Hotel,  Porthcawl

29 July  

Work at Glen ....  here

28 July

British Institute of Learning Disabilities  here prior to meeting 29 July  Now a week later  Songs and music for adults with special needs here

Lunar Pinnacle FB - Fixed Bed  FOR SALE  here  massive amount of emptying, cleaning, advertising etc

Other adverts written in Preloved, Caravan Club, ebay

A page I created on 7 July - recipients finally phoned today    here  

Arranging wife Bible reading and attendance at related retreat here

Two weeks of outside work - garden overgrowth, winter prep etc.    Work at Glen ....  here

In the perpetual context of wife-caring and disturbed nights

Teresa on her new decking here    made by me with workman here help as the bits are heavier than I can manage.

Did my 45 mins with adults but not in the costumes or uniform shown   -   here 

6 July - We need a WAV here 

2 July   Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck. here

            Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital (WRH)  here

            TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here

3 June  - The good news page is here.

14 May My wife's health + why less attention given to this website here

28 Jan a 2015 -  My wife's health here

December 2014 update here

27 Nov  

A&E etc summary here.

9  Nov

Updates October & November 2014  here

24 October 2014

Minor update on WAVs and why updates have been missed - see No. 5 here


Random postings to a diary here