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Wednesday 29th January

10am - 2.30pm

Courtyard Centre for the Arts,


Carers Can, join and contribute to information hubs which will collate everything people living with or working with dementia need to find out, from activities to care

People living with dementia Can,become a leader living with dementia and guide this initiative, discover activities and services, meet the Out and About Group - Young Dementia  Herefordshire, contribute to future decision making and topics to be faced by this initiative.

Volunteers Can, get involved in supporting people living with dementia, or assist with this initiative!

All Businesses Can, become dementia friendly, advertise their services, learn how to provide services, join our

service provider hub

Everyone Can! Be there to network, sign up to working groups, join the Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance,

discover services, advertise services, learn how to become dementia friendly, support and be part of this initiative now

and in the future.



Ongoing throughout the day:

This day is a fabulous opportunity for networking, contributing to and learning about living well with dementia in Herefordshire.

One of the key purposes of this event is to create networks of service providers, volunteers,activists, businesses, organisations, people in need of services and people who wish to contribute. We will then be able to generate bespoke working groups which will resolve issues specific to identified needs and available skill / service / knowledge bases. This is why it is so important that anyone who wants to be part of the future of living well with dementia in Herefordshire attends.

10am Tea & Coffee

11:30am Dementia Friends Info Session

12:30am Breakout Session 1 (30 mins)

The Courtyard’s Creative Residency Programme 12.30 – 1.00

This session is aimed at community organisations/hospitals/residential homes/day centres and individuals who are interested in developing creative activities for people living with dementia. Discover more details about this free ten week programme, sustaining the activity, what commitment is required and how to be involved.

1:30pm Breakout Session 2 (30 mins)

Dementia Action Alliance Information Session 1.30 – 2.00

Jeevan Jones delivers an exciting workshop for any individuals businesses or Organisations who want to know more about the Dementia Action Alliance and how to join it.

2:30pm Dementia Friends Info Session


What’s there?

A table will be set aside for all service providers to leave hand outs and information about themselves and you are encouraged to network throughout the day!

Young Dementia Hereford, Out and About Group will be encouraging your interaction in the idea sharing and thinking well zone.

Anyone living with dementia will able to become a leader living with dementia. It is our goal that this group will guide

the future of the living well initiative in Herefordshire.

You will be able to sign onto our interest specific working groups, the members of which will join forces in

the future to positively transform their particular area of interest from the cafe, the arts, activities, environments

for well-being, the natural world, care provision.

Stand Holders / 10am – 2.30pm

The Courtyard

Discover what activities The Courtyard has on offer. Including activities and events for people living with dementia and their carers.  As well as training for carers, health care professionals, artists and practitioners. 

Dementia Action Alliance

Representatives from the Dementia Action Alliance can offer advice and information to help organisations become more dementia friendly.

Dementia Friends

Representatives from Dementia Friends will be at hand to talk about how the Dementia Friends initiative can be used as a resource to make communities more aware about dementia. Allowing more organisations in Herefordshire to use this as a tool to change the way their staff think, talk and act about dementia. 


English Symphony Orchestra

Discover ‘Music to Lift the Spirit’, live classical music by ESO for people living with dementia. 

Out and About – Young Dementia Hereford Group

Meet Out and About – Young Dementia Hereford Group, a group of individuals living with early onset dementia who are all active members within their community. 

The Alzheimer’s Society

The local Alzheimer’s Society will be promoting their activities across Herefordshire and will be on hand to offer information, advice and support throughout the day. 

Hereford Community Farm

The Hereford Community Farm (previously was known as The Barton Hill Centre) provides land based therapeutic day opportunities and activities working with people of all backgrounds, including people living with dementia. They also work with rural crafts - in particular green woodworking and artisan crafts including woven seat stools and Windsor chairs.

Idea sharing and thinking-well zone

Out and About - Young Dementia Hereford will be encouraging your interaction in the idea sharing and thinking-well zone.

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