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 Email 18 March 2016 to the Droitwich Meeting Centre here

Dear Mr Arnold 

Within the aim of setting up a Meeting Centre in Ross-on-Wye, HFDS, the hope is to bring my wife to your centre soon.   I have attended one of Prof B's Info sessions and have the manual. 

Any help will be appreciated. 

Teresa's ailment is FTD and she is 100% wheelchair dependent due to an inoperable hip condition.  She can hold a very-near-normal conversation.  Semantic dementia lets her down occasionally. 

According to how the plan fits into your schedule, we would travel on a Weds, visit Thurs and perhaps Fri, and return the next day. 

Our hotel visits are limited and we go to     We need somewhere with access to a heavy-duty [ie powered] wheelchair.  Lifts big enough are OK.  We come equipped with bed bars, commode and associated items.  My wife doesn't need imported personal care in the short-term.   Can you recommend, please? 

If you think a singing session appropriate while we are there, peruse 

Alternatives/additions can include a Flamenco guitar or a bagpipe performance as appropriate.  All sessions include audience participation. 

A copy of this is being read by a local councillor to start that ball rolling in plenty of time. 


Alan F Harrison 

From your leaflet   "Anyone with mild and moderate dementia living in Droitwich Spa . . ."  I will be pleased to make a donation. 

Ross c  9.5 k population.