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Dementia resources 

  1. Five things you should know about dementia here.  Talks by Dementia Champions begin with them.

  2. Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia here

  3. Booklets available from Mind    

  4. Assistive technology – devices to help with everyday living here

  5. Alzheimer's Research UK here   Includes many other resources.

  6.  Alzheimer's Society here   Coping with memory loss here

  7. Simple ways to help someone living with dementia (pdf) here .

  1. About dementia

  2. Changed behaviours and dementia

  3. Looking after families and carers

  4. Caring for someone with dementia

  5. Residential care and dementia

  6. Information for people with dementia

  7. The environment and dementia

  8. Lewy body disease

  9. (Younger onset dementia)

  10. Tips to assist social engagement

  11. Other information                                      source Oz

22  Info etc on this website
  1. Dementia and related topics Home page here   Numerous links

  2.  Economic and Social Research Council here  Various links  website

  3.  Alzheimer's - selected text here 

  4.  Alzheimer's - full text here

  5.  Alzheimer's Society here

  6.  Alzheimer's Society and Ross Memory Cafe. .  Page here    Contact  re the last Tuesday of each month. 

  7. Remember Me - the Courtyard Theatre Dementia Week 2014 event page is here

  8. Herefordshire’s Inaugural Dementia Symposium here more  

  9. Dementia - theguardian  coverage here   

  10. The Times - dementia coverage - 2 Feb 2014 and back  here  

"Stand by me" here is part of the person-centred approach within the DementiaMeeting Centre programme  here.

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