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Herefordshire dementia friendly communities

Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance

Local alliance information

The Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance is made up of organisations that operate across the county of Herefordshire and are working towards creating dementia friendly communities to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. 

It is currently in the process of being developed, 

Regional Contact

Kat Horner
DAA Coordinator, West Midlands
01543 255955                                               source

11 Local Alliances up and running in the West Midlands  here

People with Dementia and their Carers 

Strategy and Implementation Plan 2013-2015     


The following implementation plan provides a step by step approach to achieving the recommendations presented in the Integrated Needs Assessment (INA). This strategy should be used in conjunction with the INA and the local 2010 Living Well with Dementia Strategy.

The recommendations focus on organisations working together to help people identify dementia, get information, advice and support quickly, including diagnosis, as well as ensuring that Carers receive assistance. The recommendations focus around three key outcomes:

1. Driving a Herefordshire wide culture change through raising awareness and understanding

2. Increase availability of early diagnosis of Dementia and support 

3. Supporting people with dementia, carers and families to live well with dementia        here

Dementia Friendly Communities

Dementia friendly communities can be defined as:

Herefordshire Mental Health Needs Assessment 

“An integrated society where people with dementia live in ‘normal’ home-like situations

throughout their lives with support to engage in everyday community activities.” ix

The Local Government Association has developed guidance for local authorities in developing

Dementia friendly communities

. This identified that community could become more dementia capable


• increasing its awareness of dementia

• supporting local groups for people with dementia and carers

• providing more information, and more accessible information about local services and


• thinking about how local mainstream services and facilities can be made more accessible

for people with dementia.

Organisations have been signing up to the Dementia Action Alliance and ‘Dementia Friends’ - an

education programme for the public is available.

More on the  Dementia Triangle of Care page  here

Integrated Needs Assessment for People with Dementia and their Carers  here

Use Control F, type friendly  - used 11 times   

The only concrete result is 

Hampshire County Council/ Innovations in Dementia CIC/ Local Government Association South West Dementia Partnership  
Dementia Capable Communities Toolkit: an approach for involving people with Dementia in setting priorities for a dementia friendly community. Toolkit also provides briefing notes and checklists for businesses, help packs for customer facing staff, ‘kitemarks’ for dementia friendly facilities

More wishy-washy Herefordshire

1.4  Develop Herefordshire as a Dementia friendly community

Co-ordinate work between relevant Herefordshire Council departments, third sector organisations and members of
the community to provide advice and suggestions about how to improve accessibility to services and community
settings and promote independence.

source  --  1.4 here

Herefordshire dementia friendly parishes  (DFPs)

None known but research to be carried out.  The title DFPs originates here.

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