An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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  1. The aim is to produce a WAV resource base for unpaid carers and if others benefit, so much the better

  2. Initially, it could appear on this website.  

  3. The hard-copy WAV resource base is utilised within an associated major event within the C catchment area and beyond

  4. The event is an open-air rally or show or whatever title is thought best

  5. More detail on the next page

A WAV dealer X would need to be involved.  Leaflets etc would include C & X logos and Introductions.  The leaflets could correspond to pages/page sections on C & X websites.

  1. A first-time-buyer leaflet setting out the main considerations

  2. Leaflet on how C & X operate together 

  3. Leaflet - the Motability Scheme

  4. Leaflet - Are you a carer?  Other C leaflets.

  5. Leaflet - Do you have/need the right wheelchair for your cared-for person's transportation?

  6. Leaflet - For the driver in a wheelchair

  7. Leaflet - Which type of WAV is right for you? 

  8. Leaflet on what X does if anything goes wrong

  9. A book of letters from satisfied customers 

  10.  Leaflet on Free Home Demo but much more than a request form - to explain it

  11. Leaflet and film on X's major achievements  

  12. Leaflet on finance

  13. A short video on X's wares and services  

  14. Small working models of ramps etc - of obvious interest to children  See note below

  15. Access to computers to look at the C & X websites - to include a children's page or more than one   

  16. If you will, a leaflet on News.   

Note on small working models of ramps etc

One assumes that toy cars of WAV appearance are available.  One imagines that toy wheelchairs are available.  However, highly loseable  with children around.  All the models would be fixed using a tracking system rather like a toy train set without rails.  Children will be able to slide things around.  Once established, push-buttons will direct the movements.

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