An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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The website author experienced various problems before deciding which WAV was the best buy.   

The Information Base

  1. A first-time-buyer leaflet setting out the main considerations
  2. Leaflet on how X operates  here?
  3. Leaflet - the Motability Scheme  here
  4. Leaflet - Are you a carer?
  5. Leaflet - Do you have the right wheelchair for your cared-for person?
  6. Leaflet - For the driver in a wheelchair
  7. Leaflet - Which type of car is right for you?  here
  8. Leaflet on what J does if anything goes wrong here  See also 17.
  9. Leaflets on remaining headings in the Information column.
  10. Leaflet on Free Home Demo here but much more than a request form - explain it
  11. Leaflet and film on X major achievements  
  12. Leaflet on finance here
  13.  A short video on X's wares and services - various here
  14. Small working models of ramps etc - of obvious interest to children  See Note below
  15. Access to computers to look at the X website - to include a children's page or more than one  The advanced search box can't cope with "carer".  The Internet reader doesn't know it is limited to car names.
  16. A short video on PDI
  17. A book of letters from satisfied customers  here
  18. If you will, a leaflet on News.  I can't see anything new here beyond what is shown elsewhere.  It's always worth updating the posting date even if the text isn't. Newcomers won't know.  Today it shows January!
Note on Small working models of ramps etc

One assumes that toy cars of WAV appearance are available.  One imagines that toy wheelchairs are available.  However, highly loseable with children around.  All the models would be fixed using a tracking system rather like a toy train set without rails.  Children will be able to slide things around.  Once established, push-buttons will direct the movements.

The track etc would be set in idyllic country surroundings.   

Carer Liaison specialist

Is there a member of junior, perhaps middle management who has carer experience who might be considered for training?   I could be involved.

If not, and it is thought to be worth investigating, I could be involved in training.  There is plenty within this website for the carer world newcomers and those more fluent with it.

The person might be called - Carer Liaison Officer but the title needs careful consideration.  Adviser might be better.

The person's job description might include:

Liaise with surrounding county carer provision.  Invite leaflets, posters etc.      

List all provision further afield.  

Meet and greet all visitors for an initial discussion of needs.  Pass to specialist sales staff as appropriate.

Be responsible for the Information Room.

Attend appropriate events as company rep.  To discuss.

F to M saved for additions.  My Sunday time is precious.  Most of what you read on the pages is under construction.


The person spec considerations might include:

A woman could be considered a priority. 

"Out of the UK’s carers, 42% of carers are men and 58% are women.." source  Plenty to discuss.

I have yet to find out where carers fit into your clientele.  Significantly I presume.

Experience could include roles in carer provision, healthcare, WAVs, as OT, as DN, marketing, fundraising, event management, finance.  

It follows that the main qualification would be from within these (WAVs excluded).

It is not conditional that a graduate would fill the post.  You may have other ideas.

To return to an initial question - "Is there a member of junior, perhaps middle management who has carer experience?"

I see the post as part time to begin with.  Ideally, the person would be recruited from within.  If it doesn't work out, she/he returns to original post full time.   However, I know nothing about your staffing structure.

Exploration needed of healthcare courses involving unpaid carers particularly postgraduate courses.  Some. at least, will include work experience.  Also consider researchers.  One doesn't know until one looks and something worthwhile could result at small expense. 

Also explore funding possibilities, either in tandem with R and independently.

You may have read "D/1 -What experience does J have re child wheelchair needs and suitable vehicles? and D/2
Consider what J is doing and what needs to be done re children - those who need wheelchairs and those who just come with parents. 

The quotes are from here.

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