An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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  1. Preamble 
  2. Marquees
  3. Arena events
  4. Children's parties

1 - Preamble                                                                                                    

  1. Have you organised general rallies?  

  2. What about WAV rallies?  

  3. Why not experiment?  

  4. For all the family and friends - carers, carees, supporters and so on 

  5. Ensure event appeals to the general public

  6. Rallies, shows etc need not be exclusively for WAVs and, initially, WAVs could be a part of a wider event

2 - Marquees

Could be marquees for various aspects:
  1. The different types of carers and their carees - staff on hand to help and explain

  2. Exploring WAVs.  Samples of cars

  3. Children's marquee - registered child-minders etc in attendance 

  4. Types of wheelchairs - a few suppliers of repute

  5. Care accessories - - a few suppliers of repute

  6. Financial aspects - general and WAV experts in attendance

  7. Legal aspects - - experts in attendance  - include LPA

  8. Come and tell your story.  Numerous walls on which to write.  Younger children to draw cars and chairs etc.  Older children to write their stories.  Ask if people want their stories on the web - pen-names. more  

  9. Raffle something with facility to participate online before the event.  Collect email addresses.

  10. Once events established. a marquee for trophies.  Keeps the events going!

  11. Could be driver championships with categories from 1 above

  12. No handbag etc stalls (?)

  13. Beer tents?

3 - Arena events

3a  Dodgem wheelchairs.
  1. Explore the possibility of dodgem wheelchairs.  

  2. All participants are fitted with air-filled outer garments and are properly strapped in.  

  3. The wheelchairs are also protected with air-filled cushions

  4. Categories of participants created

3b  C-based carer support groups put on a show

3c   X and WAV demos

3d   Taxi drivers?

3e   If stuck, I can lead carer songs from the Recycled songs Home page here.  Backed up by 3b.

3f   If really double-stuck, I can demonstrate the shortcomings of the car at the top of the Home page here.           Wife and I when we go away take the commode instead of the kitchen sink.  [Two suitcase trolley's worth         as Chris will vouch for.]   If we had needed to stop on the way, everything would have been taken out.

      We hope to collect a side-entry WAV in four weeks time.  That also has the benefit of a towbar -                     impossible with 70% of rear-entry WAVs.  Fingers crossed for a 2012 version of this.

4 - Children's parties
  1. A separate event to start with and then incorporated into the first rally

  2. London taxi drivers still organise massive children's parties and events and ferry children to them  more
  4. What about something similar involving C customers  

  5. Good publicity for C

  6. Perhaps create a list of all catchment area taxi-drivers with wheelchair facility

  7. Perhaps involve taxi drivers via C customer recommendation

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