An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Liaison with C          

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For the attention of C's CEO  

Nothing here assumes that the company has not implemented or considered the topics.       

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  1. The not-for-profit company is abbreviated as C and C/cart  is used in the link addresses etc

  2. There are mentions on this website relating my interaction with the G Hotel here which has engendered the aim to work with C

  3. These few pages are about carer resources for their caree road transportation and include suggestions relating to an associated major event within the C catchment area and beyond

  4. The WAV in the header graphic is generally assumed to be the standard vehicle and the assumption is challenged

  5. The pages give suggestions concerning liaison with a major WAV supplier itself involved in Motability 

  6. There will be other suggestions relating to working with a university offering degrees in event management

  7. There is scope for liaison with same and healthcare courses to a lesser extent

  8. The header graphics are provisional.  You will meet a public page using a header graphic on a blue background.  Within this cheap and simple (relative to other systems) website, the black background arrives by default.  Improving it is a rigmarole.

  9. I make no conditions or request advantages in our interaction nor will I ask for £ within any work I do 

Alan F Harrison [Prof]

7 Sept 2015

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So many of the WAVs are black and horrible.  

The emphasis is on rear-entry which doesn't suit every carer.  The header graphic is meant to portray doom and gloom.  

Here is the ideal opportunity to work with one, perhaps two enlightened dealers.