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Preamble update 24 Feb 2016 - Care Act 2015 easy read here

This page deals with it as a Bill.  Scope for updating the entire page.

In case you missed the Introduction, it is here.

  1. Care & Support Bill 
  2. Grandparents caring for grandchildren under 12 could top up their income
  3. Help via Silver Line
  4. Carer law in print
  5. More on Carers Rights Day 
  6. More on Carers UK
  7. Care Quality Commission 
  8. Other aspects of carer rights
  9. theguardian 2012
  11. Sunday Post
  12. The right to cease being a burden 



Care & Support Bill here.  A list of Acts and other resources is here.

How carers' rights and entitlements will be changing here.


Grandparents caring for grandchildren under 12 could top up their income

fotolia 8679959_xsGrandparents caring for grandchildren under 12 could qualify for National Insurance credits that can top up their income in retirement.

Thousands of grandparents caring for their grandchildren over the summer holidays could be missing out on the chance to boost their future State Pension, the government has warned today.

Many working-age grandmothers and fathers could qualify for Class 3 National Insurance credits for looking after children aged under 12 – which can be used to top up their income in retirement.

Half of Britain’s 7 million working-age grandparents have a grandchild under the age of 16.

more  BUT -  Clicking the link for more worked in the first instance but not any more.  The Mature Times has been contacted.



Help via Silver Line  here


Carer law in print here.


More on Carers Rights Day here.  



More on Carers UK  Carers rights       

Our research shows that two in five carers felt they had missed out on financial support as a result of not getting the right information and advice early enough. Your events are enormously important in helping carers to get the advice and information they need to claim all the support they are entitled to. From page 2 of the Organisers' handbook

     The top three steps every carer should take to find out about their rights as a carer, get advice, and 

      seek support.  Go to page 16.

Key information on carers’ rights at Item 6 on page 17.


Care Quality Commission (CQC) here.


Other aspects of carer rights

  1. NHS here  
  3. Working while caring for someone with cancer - here.
  5. A guide to carers' rights - here

  6. Glossary here.

  7. Kinship carers here  here more
  8. Support for disabled parents and carers here.

  9. Children - Intro here 
  10.                In care plus here 
  11.                nothing there on the child as carer 
  12.                new rights for vulnerable young carers here.
  13.                young carers here
  15. Vehicles exempt from vehicle tax - the carer will be the person to secure the right - info here  - also check mower!

  16. List of relevant topics here.


theguardian 2012 here.

Jackie Ashley, writes in theguardian about her experience of being a full-time carer to her husband Andrew Marr.

"There are huge issues of priorities and management and accountability to be sorted out, and rather than mudslinging, politicians should be working together to do this." more  here.

Carers struggle to exercise lasting power of attorney here.




Sunday Post

You will find an article by journalist Ben Robinson, 17 November,  on paid provision and a string of failings

"The problems uncovered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) included people being given drugs in the morning instead of at night and staff whose care of elderly people was “guesswork most of the time”.  more here.


The right to cease being a burden here - also via 2c here


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