An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Caregiver v carer          The punchline is at 12                  wedding bells here


The first term is widely used.  I suggest that the term  carer  is more often used in the UK.  Many pages in this section support the suggestion.  It is official here

Even foreign sources prefer carer when the context is UK although  "This review has been commissioned as part of the UK government’s Foresight Future Ageing Population project. 

Carer = 83 and caregiver = 15 here.  Prepare the scoreboard.

This document includes:

The ‘oldest old’ are predominantly cared for by their children, whereas married older people predominantly receive spousal care. 

They are       cared for by their children       they are not      care-given by their children.  Perhaps so in the USA.

Search for Carers UK  and you find Carers UK.  Look for Caregivers UK and dom-care companies arrive here.


It's not always possible when the reader cannot access journal papers to see the body of the paper.  Abstracts may be minimal.  At least one paper cannot make up its mind. 


Here is a 2005 paper:

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2005 Jun;20(6):537-46.

Why caregivers of people with dementia and memory loss don't use services. more  Cannot determine if UK context.


Currently, my caree attends a "Meeting centre for people with dementia and their informal caregiver(s)"

"People with dementia and their informal caregivers encounter complex and burdensome problems that cannot be solved by one single support activity. " 

Although "caregiver" is initially prominent, it is mentioned 10 times compared with "carer" 15 times. here  


A lot of related papers etc originate in Holland where early acceptance of "caregiver" may have been influenced by USA usage.


The effect of caregiver support interventions for informal caregivers of community-dwelling frail elderly: a systematic review

Score - caregiver - 17     carer - 0    here


Physical and Mental Health Effects of Family Caregiving 

Score - caregiver - 17     carer - 0   here


Look at the prominence of caregiver on this first Google page.


Search again without caregiver.  Carer much less prominent than in 8.  Is Google biased?


The logical alternative to carees  within this terminology is care-receivers.   


Carers and carees often rank as              end-users


Heaven help them.


Carers or caregivers?  Make up your mind via Google.

Score - caregiver - 17     carer - 17

Might let Google be the referee for the Caregiver v Carer cricket match.


The term caregiver is rejected by this author who sees himself as carer to his wife.  In abstract, she is his caree.  

Never a care-receiver.  See 10.


Dementia meeting centres here 

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