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Older people won’t benefit from the cap on care costs until at least 2021

stephen-burkeThe Government’s Care Bill is has been described as being like ‘the Titanic heading towards a massive iceberg in 2016’ while the care system is in crisis.

Its proposals to cap care costs won’t help older people until at least 2021 – and the vast majority of care home residents won’t benefit from the cap even then. That’s because older people will have to live in a care home for five years before reaching the £72k cap but most do not live in residential care for more than two years. 

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2  Health & Social Care Partnership

The following text is from the Health & Social Care Partnership document Care Bill 2013: Key Points.  

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In her speech to Parliament on the 9th May 2013, the Queen introduced the Care Bill detailing the need to make provision to reform the laws:

Published on the 10th May, the Care Bill (hereafter ‘the Bill’) is formed into 3 distinct areas:

1. Reform of Care & Support

2. Response to the Francis Inquiry on failings at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital

3. Health Education England and the Health Research Authority

The Bill builds on the Draft Care & Support Bill  (more) published in July 2012 and takes account of the findings of the public consultation, engagement and pre-legislative scrutiny. It also considers the findings of the Dilnot Commission’s Report into the Funding for Care and Support and the Francis Inquiry into the failings at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital.

The Bill looks to bring care and support legislation into a single statue. It is designed to create a new principle where the overall wellbeing of the individual is at the forefront of their care and support. To promote individual wellbeing, their needs, views, feelings and wishes should be considered in all aspects of their wellbeing from physical and mental health, through dignity and respect to control over their daily needs, access to employment, education, social and domestic needs and the suitability of their accommodation.

It also requires the promotion of integration of care and support with local authorities, health and housing services and other service providers to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for the individual.

This reports aims at summarising the main changes that the Bill brings to the heath, care and housing sector.

‘Make provision to reform the law relating to care and support for adults more and the law relating to support for carers more; to make provision about safeguarding adults from abuse or neglect; to make provision about care standards; to establish and make provision about Health Education England more; to establish and make provision about the Health Research Authority; and for connected purposes’.


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3  Joint Committee on Human Rights 27 January 2014

In a Report published today, the Joint Committee on Human Rights says that the Care Bill must ensure that all providers of publicly arranged or paid-for social care services are bound by the Human Rights Act. 

Publicly arranged or paid-for care

The report says the Bill provides an opportunity to fill the gaps in human rights protection for all those receiving publicly arranged or paid-for care, including in their own home and in residential care homes under arrangements made other than under the National Assistance Act 1948, and recommends that the opportunity to legislate to this effect not be missed by Parliament. It recommends an amendment to the Bill which would close this significant gap in human rights protection for people receiving publicly arranged or paid-for care.


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