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Dear Bill

Your recent articles on hospital safety, parking, Council cuts etc are of great utility to me in my capacity as promoter of the unpaid carer voice.

Knowing your time is precious, I'll point you:

  • First to the Parent Carer Voice event, 6 December 2013 here.  
  • That takes you to a  leaflet issued on the day here.  ....
  • .....  which uses some of your articles here.  
  • There is a draft report of the Parent Carer Voice event.  Update 14 Dec at No. 6.


Hereford Times is on the header links list of the Herefordshire Carers Support Home page on this site here.

It's shown on the Updates page here, several times on the Page Finder here and top of the list here.


The Hereford Times page includes quotations from the pages as opposed to the HT website.  If you reach the stage of looking further, they are below 1b, 2a, 2b, 3 & 4.  If there's anyone in the office who could provide chapter and verse via the website, it might present better. 

Perhaps we can talk on the phone when you've had a chance to peruse the pages.  Email will, of course, be fine.


Is there the possibility of a mention of the link to the website -  next week?  


The report of the Parent Carer Voice event has been suspended  -   here.


Caring isn't all hard work.   We relax here!

Looking forward to hearing from you.   

Best wishes.

Alan Harrison

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07952 060 505

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