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British Institute of Learning Disabilities 

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From the BILD website:

BILD is one of the leading learning disabilities organisations in the UK. Founded in 1971, BILD has remained at the forefront by highlighting what needs to change, and how.

Our members are important to us in this work, helping to spread the message about the need for change, sharing experiences and new ideas, and promoting good practice.

By joining BILD you can share our knowledge, link up with other members, and receive the latest information in your field of interest. This can also help demonstrate your commitment to personal or organisational development.

Members of BILD include:

  • People with learning disabilities and family carers
  • People working in many fields, including health, education and social care
  • Students and learners studying in a wide range of subjects
  • Groups and organisations of all sizes in the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • Local authorities, health trusts, schools and colleges                                                       source

       The reasons for including BILD on this website               include:

  1. Introducing it to readers who have not met it

  2. Widening my own knowledge of the learning disability arena

  3. Exploring BILD to obtain resources useful to me in my work with music for adults  here. 

  4. Specifically,resources relating to age-appropriate interaction

  5. Selecting from the information gained for the benefit of readers with similar interests to mine

  6. Already, a little research is useful. 

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There are pages of this type: People with learning disabilities here     

The following headings were searched:

A - Age-appropriate interaction 

B -  Age-appropriate

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  A - Age-appropriate interaction 


Communication is a human right, books from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Effective communication is central to providing good support to people with a learning disability and people with autism. BILD has published a number of titles on communication including the campaign
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Active lives in later life, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Older people with learning disabilities are less likely to access a range of community facilities and leisure facilities and engage in the communities where they live or to have the opportunity to make

Useful resources, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Resources about learning disabilities from Government and a wide range of other organisations.

Often asked questions about learning disabilities, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Frequently asked questions about learning disabilities

The BILD Factsheets, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Factsheets about learning disabilities and related issues.


B - Age-appropriate

Health and wellbeing in older people with learning disabilities, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Ageing is a lifelong process it begins when we are born and ends when we die. How we age can be affected by the way we live our lives and the experiences we have. This is particularly important for people..

The voice of older people with a learning disability, from BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities

A lot has been written about older people with learning disabilities and older families and the challenges they face, but rarely has it been written from the point of view of older people themselves 

Speakers at BILD's Ageing Well Conference 2013

BILD's Ageing Well Conference 2013 speaker information       Dalia Magrill     Karen Dodd     Caroline Bernard    


Communication with people with learning disabilities

Creative communication is one of the foundation stones to good support. Attendance at this event will provide the knowledge and understanding to improve communication methods and understanding


Download our factsheet about communication  No mention of age in the doc except "Applies to all ages".

Download our factsheet about human rights  No mention of age in the doc.

Download our factsheet about learning disabilities only
Social functions include; communication,eating and drinking, keeping safe,personal care and recognising risks.When thinking about social functioning, itis important to remember that otherfactors that impact on these. For example;gender, religion, culture, age andethnicity.

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Download our factsheet about older people with a learning disability 

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