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The update page helps with overview.

Another page which may help with overview is on Adult impairment  here.  Its place is in No 4 on this page.

There is a paragraph which makes the point that I am not a health care professional - end of page here.


The broad approach with the adults 

  1. The group is assembled in a circle with one entry/exit point for organisers  
  2. The members are seated
  3. Each week, a playlist is used and it includes exercise tunes 
  4. I have supplied a stock of tambourines, jingles and drums - more than one item for each member for variety
  5. Liaison is carried out with one organiser with whom I discuss the forthcoming sessions and after
  6. There is usually a helper, often from an agency and with little continuity
  7. Until the end of June, on even weeks, I played general songs and include some of the more significant songs from the odd weeks themes to maintain continuity
  8. On odd weeks, I played songs within a theme, wore appropriate costume and made a "Grand Entrance" (GE).

You will see this list later within an expanded version of how the sessions operate and some of the issues.

The organisation running the day-care centre encouraged the costumed sessions in 8 until the end of June.  That situation changed as it muttered that it should all be age-appropriate.  There was no clear statement that theatricals should stop.  However, it did say that the broad approach sans cowboy outfits etc was good.

The first day of July, as it were, was when I started to look into age-appropriateness with the early realisation that facts are difficult to find.  A new phase of the overall project had shown its new-born head.  At present the finding out about age-appropriateness phase is hardly weaning .  


Enter BILD.  


The reader can only skim pages of immediate interest in order to assess if and how any broad approach might be shaped.



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