An exploration of the UK carer world

Big society forgotten - official - also - carers of no interest  Intro page here

Email to the three main political parties on 11 November 2013:


Unpaid carers   1) Young Carers  2) Big Society  3) Carers who work  4)  Carers Rights Day

Dear named MP responsible for Health etc


I have created a new website  THE UK-CARER'S WORLD - the only one-stop shop  here.

1) Young Carers

1a)  There is an Intro here     but I move to the main concern:

1b)  How does a young carer come into the system?  Worst case scenario?  here 

       The Big Society is cited as being not relevant at Item 13.

2) Big Society

The page at 1b progresses to the Big Society and I venture that it has been forgotten here

3) Carers who work

Moving to a different topic, the page is here.  You see that the page is introductory.

4)  Carers Rights Day

The page is  here.

5 Conclusion

My aim as a potential voter for your party is to give you the opportunity for these pages to appear in the best  light.

To that end, I hope you will provide the appropriate and up-to-date material and links.

With the aim of newspapers etc being sent a press release on Friday 15 Nov, I trust that material will arrive in time for processing.

AFH etc 




In each case, I had phoned the central office to find out about the best person to send the email to.  The only reply was from the Lib-Dem Party.  

When I phoned in the first instance regarding the Lib-Dem Health spokesman  the advice was to contact Paul Burstow.


Reply 11 November:

Many thanks for your email. Paul has asked me to get back to you. The website sounds like a very good idea, and in terms of the content, I would suggest the best people to assist you would be Carers UK - You may also like to contact the Carers Trust who particularly focus on the rights of young carers. Finally, it may also be worth contacting the Department of Health for up to date information on government initiatives. 

I hope this is of help and best of luck with the website. 

Best wishes,


Natasha Kutchinsky

Senior Parliamentary Researcher

Office of Rt Hon. Paul Burstow MP





While this reply was written with the best of intention, it obviously does nothing for the Lib-Dems.



Tied up in a career within, mainly, an academic context, I sometimes wished I had had the time to explore the motivation of those who enter the political world.  Is the essential requirement of a politician the ability not to answer any question?  Are recruits forced to sign that they will not do so?  Do such considerations apply to those who support them in the field and in the office?



Had Natasha taken the time to explore the website, she would have seen that her kind advice had been pre-empted.


Catch up on the Lib-Dem Party here



Automatic reply

Thank you  for your email.

If you are contacting me in my role as Shadow Secretary of State for Health, I hope you will understand that I receive a very high number of emails and other correspondence. All of these are welcome, and the ideas and enthusiasm offered, and questions and concerns raised  is valued.

Your email may be forwarded to a member of Labour Party staff in order to facilitate a detailed response to your query. If you do not wish for your email to be passed on in this way please let me know.

Your contribution has been noted and if further information is to be sought or a reply required you will be contacted again.

Andy Burnham MP
Catch up here here

My Herefordshire MP is here.   Sample here.  Email sent 16 November.
Jesse Norman is the author of the Big Society book.   He is the Tory hope for ensuring that the party gives full support to voluntary organisations and the positive empowerment of individuals.  

6  Big society and local Lions
A "carer" search in the Herefordshire Times the day before Carers Rights Day resulted in a paid-carer article at No. 6 here, an article on a new college for disabled adults, and a "Christmas wheelchair present for happy boy" thanks to the Lions. 

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