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Big society           How does a young carer come into the system?  Worst case scenario? here

What I’m talking about, the spirit we need, is the big society spirit – and here’s why I think its time has come.

Just as we need the big society spirit to get our economy going, we need it in our society too.

Social change is where this coalition has its beating, radical heart.

But the big society needs you to give it life.

So that great project in your community – go and lead it.

It takes two to build that big society.

                                                                                                          David Cameron   October 2010  Daily Telegraph here.          


But above all we must build a bigger, stronger society because in the end the things that make up that kind

of society...strong families, strong communities, strong relationships...    

                                                                                                         David Cameron     big society     23 May 2011   here.

Big society  forgotten   

Nearest uptodate Gov quotation:

There are battles to fight but beyond this hall are the millions of hardworking people who renew the great in Great Britain every day … in the way they work and the way they give and raise their families.

                                                                                                         David Cameron    October 2013  here

Nearest appropriate newspaper article, 27 Nov 2013, but no mention of Big Society

             Neighbours urged to help elderly this winter as death rates soar here. more

How does a young carer come into the system?  Worst case scenario? here     Big Society forgotten here

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