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Bede Village pics

entry notice

You have arrived.


entry long road teresa

Teresa welcomes you (when she’s there).



Reception is 1/3 way down the road above – on the left.


flowers red

Plenty of floral decor everywhere.



First left to residences entrance.


resto 1

Through the front door and pass through the restaurant.

Plenty of people eating plentiful, nutritious  meals.

Can't ask everyone re being in a pic.


resto 2


to abingdon corridor

Down the corridor and many have chairs to relax in.


patio bank down

Anticipate relaxing on the patio as you pass.



One of many lounges.


abingdon notice

Check your suite number.



One of many lift snugs.


Room pics to go in via Bede.



Unpack and then relax on one of the patios.


patio bank down

Remember longing to earlier?


patio bank and benches

The corner to the right of the bank.


patio fr other end

Last pic of that patio.


pond right front

Wander around and find the fish-pond.


pond stalk

Stalk the stork.


pond fish

Don’t fish the fish. He’s about a foot long.


pond waterfall

The waterfall.


pond pendant flowers

Plenty more flowers.




Cottage residences everywhere.


entry going out

Time to go home.

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