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:Thu, 4 Aug 2016 22:09:41 +0100

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Subject: Richmond Bede Retirement Village
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 22:09:41 +0100
From: Prof Alan Harrison <>

Richmond Bede Retirement Village

My wife recently stayed there and this is my review:

I went to your website but could not see a review facility.
Thanks Sonia
Kind of you.
Maggie's interaction today at E  -  In conclusion   via
and do please thank her.  
Note that Louise has supplied good photos to improve page 1.
The food photo is just salad.  Restaurant pics with people in sell better than without people.  One server/one client with salad should be replaced.
A new page and comment please     Does your disability-holiday choice have heart?   at the foot of page 1.    
Items to show you in 12A.
Removed from the webpage

Many people on holiday here might approach their stay in hotel-holiday frame of mind.  On the Sunday, I was informed that I should wash up all dishes etc.  I replied that I don't wash up at home and pay carers to do it.  I won't be washing up here because of that.  Now that it has been mentioned, it is not in the contract.  Nothing further was said [[[  by Debra Pettipher ]]]
As this is not generally known, it is worth drawing attention to the situation.


I have the invoice for £83.25 which includes bath not taken.  Update 5 Aug - error on my part


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From: Prof Alan Harrison [] 
Sent: 04 August 2016 11:08
To: Sonia Tenniswood
Subject: Before we go


I have not heard the outcome re staying to lunch tomorrow  (wife has had no bath so you might give lunch free)
or re leaving our things in the room until after lunch.

Teresa will need a final WC in familiar surroundings.

The website is updated
Anything easy to paste into C?

Items to show you in 12A.

------------------------------------ On 04-Aug-16 11:35 AM, Sonia Tenniswood wrote:
Good Morning Professor Harrison,
Thank you for your email, in response; I have booked yourself and Mrs Harrison in for lunch (complimentary) on Friday and have arranged a late check out for you so it is not problem leaving your belongings in the apartment.

Kind Regards

Sonia Tenniswood

Deputy Village Manager
Senior Village Advisor

Richmond Bede Village,
Hospital Lane,
CV12 0PB.

T: 02476 645544