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 A  -  Arrival                                     D   - In conclusion

B  -  Activities                                 E  -  The company

C  -  Village composition 

A  -  Arrival

Arrived on Friday 29 July 2016 in time for lunch.  We were met almost as long-lost friends by Sonia Tenniswood who is the Deputy Village Manager, and Louise Smith the Village Advisor and Activities Manager.

Once settled in, Teresa made for the sofa.  With two wheelchairs in the room, it was necessary to slim down on furniture and a low armchair was taken away.

Her sofa choice meant a lot of experimentation with pillows, even an eiderdown.  However, by Sunday, it wasn't working out.  Staff recommended the return of the arm chair and it was then I realised it is a recliner.  They did a lot of work rearranging and Teresa was as happy as Larry.

The Bede staff are naturally welcoming and all do a grand job.  

The food is excellent and the standard of accommodation is superb.  

There will not be a daily diary as I am still working on the outcome of the "Your opportunity to participate in UK Dementia Meeting Centres page" here.   The Retirement Village model is an ideal framework for DMCs.

B  -  Activities 

They are many and varied.  We missed a Gardens 
visit due to the weather.  There are craft and 
exercise activities.

C  -  Village composition 

In the Village, there are folk with privately-owned cottages and apartments.  Most of the residential unit we are in comprises the latter.  There's a few holiday suites.

Everywhere you go you are met with lovely vistas such as the fish-pond.  More via the links at the top and foot of the page.

Imagine the cottage residents' view from their window.

D  -  In conclusion

We enjoyed our week and everyone here, staff, residents and guests, went out of their way to make that happen.

Another example [see A] of many similarly positive events.  I had forgotten to bring enough of my wife's paracetamol capsules.  A member of staff went out for some and brought them to our room.  Staff travel the extra mile.

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E  -  The company

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