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 Dear S P

Louisa Rawstrom - LR - phoned yesterday.  Carer Review Team within Adult Wellbeing.  The call was disturbing, to say the least. It looks as if all XR  services to this house will end soon.  I will be re-assessed with the strong possibility of a different type of XR service ensuing.  There is to be a definite and drastic reduction in the extent of service after the assessment.

However, it was all a shock and I may not be describing things properly.  LR is looking at the possibility of a meeting at the Ryefield Centre on 7 Oct afternoon.  I need a lot of answers in detail if you please.


There is a definition problem within present XR services.  The 1000 - 1100 sessions of housekeeping aimed at making my life easier may have been said by LR to be for Teresa's bathroom etc events. 

As you may have realised.  Rachel and I went through your 18 page doc with a toothcomb in prep for the meeting.  You gave no hint that that there would another party involved in yet another assessment which would turn yours on its head.  Perhaps I have misinterpreted detail.  You certainly didn't mention any
Carer Review Team within Adult Wellbeing.

Perhaps things are changing so rapidly, you can't keep up with the situation.  Left hand and right hand probs.


LR said the new XR offering will be termed Carer Wellbeing Service.  Can you confirm that title?  Define?

Replacement care is designed to replace the care that you, as a carer, would normally be giving the person you care for. It may be needed so you can look after your own health and wellbeing, and to take a break from caring. For example, it may be that regular replacement overnight care is needed so you can catch up on your own sleep.

In certain situations, respite (temporary) care may be provided by your local authority after your carer's assessment or after the person you care for has had an assessment. You can use the directory of local carers' services to find your nearest local carers' centre or respite service. Your local authority or local carers' centre can give you information about local support.


or via


From the Adult Wellbeing assessment of my wife two weeks ago, it looks as if my needs will be catered for by what she ends up with.  Comment? 


From LR, I gather that all the time taken to prepare for and undergo within 6 has about five weeks to run before A starts.  Comment?

My stress level is at an all-time ceiling.  Here is just one component:

I have enough issues to deal with.    The carer world is a series of mountains - public page here 

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was created as a threat to name and shame the staff supposed to be dealing with my wife's dementia.  It worked and a meeting was held yesterday attended by our elder daughter and four, yes four of the Dept X senior staff.  It focused 50-50 on my wife and I with emphasis on my crucial role as carer. If I am not healthy etc, who will look after my wife? 


Let it be known that part way through the LR call, my stress led me to making comment about how carers like me interpret what she wants to talk about as officialdom carrying out the cuts in services.  I restrained from saying that a letter would make more sense.  It would save a lot of time and, in the end, the participation stress within an inevitable and easily predictable consequence.  Carers really won't have much influence on subsequent provision.

Which leads me to conclude with thanks to you and JL before you, for the kind consideration and provision enjoyed thus far on my journey to next to nothing in the immediate future.

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