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AWB email to LR 10 Oct 2015   hidden page   

cc AWB SP & JL, elder daughter

On 10/8/2015 9:59 PM, AFH wrote:

Dear Ms R                             Miss P is asked to attend to Item 8 please.

 Your letter arrived, thank you.  Please use email for all correspondence except hard-copy material.

 My daughter Rachel who is to accompany me has offered these dates:

 Thurs 22nd Oct, Fri 23rd, Thurs 29th – all best at 4pm.

Please let me know who has won the new Carers Support Contract and when it will begin. 

It is presumed to start the day after the XR contract ends.  If not, please clarify. 

Please also tell me what the new contract is commissioning the new provider to do – eg will I continue to get respite breaks and household help?

Please give me some details as to the exact procedure, and  what outcome I should expect from this carers assessment.

As the words "Carers Support Contract" have been used, I presume my needs as a carer are top of the agenda.   

What documents and anything else do I require to bring with me?

If I bring a GP statement of my current state of health, stress level, and carer needs as he sees them,  will it have any bearing on the outcome?

Did you receive a copy of my wife's care plan from Miss P? I haven’t seen it yet, but my needs should be assessed in tandem with hers, obviously.

The HFDS Council website is not easy to navigate.  Please also send me links to all pages which are relevant to the carers assessment.

These links should include the appeals process in the event of the outcome being less than I receive at present.

Please supply the name and contact info of the appropriate HFDS councillor in the event of 9b.

In addition, please send by post all hard-copy leaflets and booklets etc which are relevant to the assessment as produced by HFDS Council.

Please resend your email.

If the meeting-room problem persists, we can meet elsewhere which I will arrange.  Not the small room at the library. 

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