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 AWB 9 Aug 2015  a hidden page for JL & SP        

Update 11 Aug

Emails exchanged -  SP     2g page updated.


Thank you both for the meeting on Thursday and your  kind offer to help further.  At the time, I hadn't thought through what to do in a difficult situation.

JL - Thank you for your email 10 Aug.  I welcome your suggestion that SP contacts 2g. See my email same date.

It concerns the memory clinic - (2g as can't put full name on a webpage) 

  Pages used within the project:

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AD on the page you will soon see is a nurse dealing with TDH.  

On 9 July , I sent her a letter with the webpage address of the other page.   I had asked for tests which I can use to feed back results to 2g.

24 July sent email asking why no reply. 

A few days later she phoned* and then a manager phoned saying he'd do something.  Not one word since.

                                  *She said no letter received.  I don't believe that for one minute.

and here is the top of the page in question:


Update 7 August

The similar text below now reads:

In the event of no reply by noon on Tuesday 11 August, I will call at the office on Wednesday 12 August at 1545.  You leave me no alternative.  It is too long after speaking to AD and her manager.  It is obvious 2g has adopted the Alibi approach referred to below.  When I arrive, please ensure that there is a senior person to deal with.

Update  early on 11 August 

The scored text remains as you have had sufficient time for me to conclude that no reply is your decision. The 24 July update said "In the event of no reply by noon on Tuesday 28 July, I will call in at the office as soon as possible thereafter.". 

You will be contacted by a member of the local Adult Wellbeing team in due course.  I have said let's hope all this reduces to crossed wires.


Thank you for undertaking this challenge.  More when I see you.


Update 28 July at No. 5

Update 24 July all update headings and short additions are in red text

Two weeks will have elapsed by the time AD has read this update.  In the context of no response, the conclusion has been reached that there will be no reply without intervention.  That is unacceptable. More within the page on The Alibi Society here.

I want to see evidence of  the Triangle of Care for Dementia which describes how meaningful involvement  and inclusion of carers can lead to better care for people with dementia.   (my emphasis)


What I hope you can do, please.

Would you mind phoning AD - name in email - to find out why there has been no proper reply, please? Perhaps best to ask for someone senior.  She may well find someone.

If any negative outcome, I will speak to GP on Tuesday but see my email 10 Aug.  Perhaps I will speak to GP the following Tuesday.

Tel: 01452 894000
Fax: 01452 894001


pagetop here  for pasting    AWB 9 Aug 2015  a hidden page for JL & SP   here

emails 11 Aug

Thank you for your email.

With regard to 2g– I have made contact this morning.  AD is on leave at the moment however I have now spoken with SH who has explained that she is now your wife’s allocated worker and she will be in touch shortly to arrange to meet with you both.  In my discussion with Sarah she has explained to me that she is unable to provide you with a copy of the tests that they undertake, she explained that they would not advise that your wife is tested regularly as this could cause her increased anxiety. 

SH will be in touch with you to arrange a visit.  The frequency of these visits will be approximately 12 monthly. 

With regard to your wife’s social care assessment; I would like to thank you for your time in completing the assessment form as you see the situation.  This will be helpful in taking away some of the prescriptive nature of an assessment and enabling me to focus on getting to know Mrs H(and vice versa).

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need anything further. 

Dear Miss P

It is good of you to have acted so quickly and thank you.


SH phoned earlier and she is coming on Monday at 1130.

Although 2g is unable to provide you with a copy of the tests that they undertake

A - it depends on how they are conducted. 

B - why has 2g taken all this time to respond?    I will take this up with 2g.


I will be completing the assessment form soon.