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                Autism care provision with Herefordshire - 2017 to 2020

                                                                          Converting "will be" to "is"

                                                      The Autism Act of 2009  put a duty on the Government 

                                                       to produce a strategy for adults with autism, which 

                                                       was published in March 2010.  source


                                                       Herefordshire Council (HC) produced its Autism Strategy

                                                       2014 to 2017 and is now converting "will be" to "is"

                                                        The key words are:       awareness, community, 

                                                                                                   Provide or commission diagnostic services
                                                                                                   for children and adults with on the autism spectrum (2 here)

                                                                              - more later 

                                                        HC is aware that local health bodies have a legal duty to implement:
                                                                  should* provide autism awareness training for all staff

                                                                  must provide specialist autism training for key staff

                                                                  must develop a clear pathway to diagnosis and assessment 
                                                                  for adults with autism

                                                                  must provide preventative support and safeguarding
                                                                  must support people with autism and complex needs

                                                                  must provide support within the employment domain

                                                                  must provide support within the criminal justice domain

          more later here extending the key words - perhaps it might be an A1 poster!

          how much longer must the Strategy doc carry "must/should/will"?

          *  how will HC phrase/implement "should" as a legal requirement?  

          need to include aspects such as - Funding for children with special educational needs or disability here  and £           aspects within it 

pagetop     Autism poster here

                    Updating the Herefordshire Autism Strategy   2014 - 2017    here