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They serve to record previous progress vis a vis growth of the website.

Current Updates are here.

31 December 2013

Hereford Journal Home page here

Young carers Home page here

Dementia theguardian  coverage here

Stigma and discrimination - a NHS page  here

Welfare Reform here

Are you a hawk or a hedgehog?  Find out here.

19 December 2013

My Care My Home? here

18 December

A revised Introduction to the website - here.

16 December

A page addressed to education here

13 December

Hereford Times here

12 December

Ross Carers Support Group updated here 


8 December

Page index here

4 December

Herefordshire Carers Support Carers Rights Day      Summary covering proceedings to half-time here

My comment is here.

Invitation to HCS Parent Carer Voice event on 6 December here.

Special Educational Needs here

List of Acts and other resources  here

2 December

Herefordshire Carers Support Carers 

Rights Day event has been updated  here.

1 December

If you like searching the newspapers a new 

handy list of links is here.

29 November

Herefordshire Carers Support Carers 

Rights Day is today and it's here.

The right to die is here

Carers Rights Day is here

28 November

New website -

27 November

Herefordshire Carers Support Carers 

Rights Day is on Friday here

Consider the right to die at 2c.

26 November

New page - GPs Nationally including 

the 'Allo, 'Allo NHS  by a GP here

New page on Newport, Gwent here.

25 November

Chicks in the news again here

             Previously, No. 8 here

A new service - Silver Line  here

announced by The Times here

The Carers Newspaper  here

How relevant is the new video at the 

foot of this page?

23 November

Carers World Radio here

22 November

Young carers are being bullied.- No. 10 here

New link - paste it into your browser via here.

21 November

A hidden army of six million people here.

18 November

Who cares? here.


17 November

Developments on NHS and Gov pages.


16 November

Big society forgotten - official here


15 November

A much revised "Ways" page is here

A new Herefordshire Home page is here.

14 November

My experience here.


12 November   

HCS Carers Rights Day page updated here.

10 November

     Young carers identified here.  

     Related politics here


8 November


7 November

     Songs being transferred to here.

1 November

     Young carers here.

       Stories here & here

      More re jobs here    

      HCS website is being updated since late September. 

    ( 6 Dec - latest news says end is mid January 2114)

      September here.

      Verse added to Joshua  here - 4b

3  Herefordshire Carers Support Home page on this 

   site carried updates from 15 January to 4 February 

   which are are now here

2 Various

  2a Herefordshire Carers Support Carers Rights Day   here

  2b) Hereford Journal advert here

  2c) Summary covering  proceedings to half-time here

  2d) No press voice on CRD here

  2e) Song here


You and Yours here.  See 4b here.


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